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What is PTRE and Is It Worth Your Time?

PTRE stands for Paid To Read Email programs. Online companies that pay you to read email that they send to you. You get paid when you click a link in the email and visit the site that they're advertising, usually for a set amount of time.

Here are steps you should take before joining a PTRE program:

  • Check the Programs Terms - Some PTRE programs don't pay until you accumulate $200. It's unlikely you'll ever reach that amount, especially with what some of these companies are paying per email read. I personally don't join a program that's payout minimum is higher than $10, unless they offer bonuses. You'll also find what countries they'll allow you to join from.

  • Signup Bonus - Do they offer you a sign up bonus when you first join? This can be important, especially if their payout minimum is high. Some companies will either offer a signup bonus or a referral bonus of a set amount.

  • Categories ? When you sign up do they offer to send you emails to categories you're interested in. Most programs allow you to pick from a list of categories that they want to receive emails about.

  • Payment Per Email Read - Realistically you can earn between .025 and 3 cents per email link. Many programs will offer to pay you more, but never do or if they do you'll only get one email per month from them. Programs will often send more than one link advertisement per email and/or a few emails to you per day.

  • Point Emails - Most programs also offer you points to read emails. Points are usually redeemable for advertising on the programs site and/or entries to win prizes.

  • Referrals - See how much commission you'll make on the people you refer to the PTRE program. Also see how many levels deep their referral program goes. Referrals do help, but be realistic on how much you'll earn on your downline.

  • Payouts - Most PTRE programs offer you advertisement options before you reach the cash out level. In other words, if the minimum cash payout level is $10 you can often redeem $2 for an ad campaign on their site.

  • Advertising - Whether you pay cash or use your points to advertise on a PTRE site it's a good investment. Most programs offer targeted advertising. The people that receive your ad have requested the category your offer belongs to. You can also track your stats to see how well your campaign did.

Here are 3 other ways PTRE programs also offer to make you some money:

  • Paid To Search - Get paid to search from the programs site or from search sites their affiliated with. Many times you'll receive paid search links in your email.

  • Paid To Click - Get paid to click on banners and/or links in the programs paid to click section. You usually have to stay on the visited site for a set time to receive credit (an average of 30 seconds).

  • Paid To Join ? Offering a set amount of money for you to join programs, services, newsletters and other related offers. Some programs even pay you a commission to shop from their site.

    You won't get rich with PTRE programs, but you can earn a few bucks, plus quality advertising for your site. Just make sure you don't get carried away and join too many programs or you'll be clicking emails for an hour a day.

    For a list of quality PTRE programs with full descriptions visit

    About The Author

    Kristian Pulz is the owner of an online family directory and a direct partner of the First Barter Network. He can be reached at

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