How To Get Zero Cost Publicity For Your Business Part 2

This is the ending to my previous article, How to get no cost publicity for your business. Some other options include signature files, joint ventures, free for all links, informational articles, webrings, and giveaways.

Signature files are great ways to get free publicity for your business. It's just a short blurb at the end of your email. It's not considered spam. Of course, you shouldn't just send blank emails to people, just so they'll see your signature file. That might be considered spam to some people.

Joint ventures are also great ways to get free publicity for your business. Joint ventures are fairly easy to set up. Just find someone who is not in direct competition with you that may benefit from your book, product or service. Ask them if they will promote your product to their list in exchange for a link on your website or an announcement to your list. Most business owners will agree to such an arrangement as this is a win-win for everyone.

Another way to get free publicity for your business is to join as many webrings related to your business that you can find. Once again, this costs you nothing, and you get new traffic. A good place to find webrings is I also host a webring for people that are in the online marketing and advertising business. You can join it by visiting or by visiting my website at and looking for the Marketing and Advertising webring.

Also, you can gain free publicity by writing informational articles. My suggestion is that you post these for free and include a resource box at the end of your article with your contact information and a short blurb about the product or service you are trying to promote.

Another source of free publicity is free for all links. A free for all links page is just what it sounds like. Anyone can list their url on this person's page. The only catch is that some pages may collect an email address from you and send you a lot of emails. I would just put in an email address that I didn't mind getting a lot of emails at.

Finally, giveaways are an excellent way to get free publicity for your business. You could give away a report, an e-book, or even a coupon for discounted services. These are just a few of the ways that you can get free publicity for your business. I'm sure your creative minds will come up with some additional ways.

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