Credibility Lost or Gained, Are you Prepared?

If a reporter approached you about an interview, would you know what to say do or even how to dress for one? Would you know how to answer questions?

Have you ever wondered what the secret of working effectively with the media is? Do you wonder how to increase or even have quality coverage?

Quite often, what you don't know can hurt you.

Most people have no idea on how to prepare for questions. It is important when you run a business to know what to do in a crisis and how to handle yourself and your staff.
As well, preparing yourself for working with the media can bring you rewarding coverage, instant credibility and increase sales and profits.

Some of the items to consider are; how to dress during an interview, what to have ready, what never to do and how to answer leading and hostile questions.

When it comes to what they might ask, there are things to think about in advance:

* Determine what it is that you want to say and what points you want to get across.

* Having note cards in point form can help jog your memory. You do not want to be searching for answers and risk coming across as lacking the expertise they are looking for.

Have these basics answers ready:

* Why does it exist

* Why is it important

* What is the purpose of your work, organization

* Who benefits from this

* Why is it unusual, unique or different from what has been done already

* What made you enter this field

Remember, never slander or appear to slander others or their beliefs. It will only harm you in the end. You never know what the reporter's likes, dislikes or beliefs are.

* Always take the high road.

Be careful if they ask you your opinion on something. Many people do not realize the difference between opinion, judgment and criticism. If you end up in the latter two, you can greatly harm yourself and your reputation.

Also, think of the interviews from your audiences' point of view, not necessarily the reporter. People care about the benefits to them more than the features.


* How will this affect them

* Will it improve their life

* Save them money

* Help them or their family get ahead

* Help the environment

Have any supporting material with you, especially for newspaper. You may want facts, quotes, statistics, definitions, contrast, comparisons, and your personal experience.

When you can personalize it and move facts to people, it becomes more interesting and personal.

Learning basics protocol on how to compose your self and how to answer questions will go a long way in building your credibility and showing yourself as a valuable source.

When you are seen as a valuable source, they will come back for more information, which leads to more coverage and more credibility.

All the Best!
Maria Boomhower
The Master Communicator

Master Communicator Blog
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