3 Essential Elements For Turning Your PR Pitch Into Publicity Exposure

1) Establish Rapport, then get the editor/producer excited.

There's not a shortage of stories, but there is a shortage GREAT stories. If you are exciting, unique, or provocative that may be exactly what you need to get the attention of the editor/producer.

2) Think Audience.

Once you get the attention of the editor/producer, she will be inclined to publish/broadcast stories and segments that stimulate, interest, fascinate, provoke or stimulate his or her audience.

Bring them something fresh.

3) Retain Audience Loyalty

Producers are interested in the long term loyalty of the audience.

This is achieved by delivering a consistent style. Is your story consistent with the producers overall theme?

When you deliver your story with these 3 elements, you have given your media contact 3 essential prerequisites for getting media exposure.

The Net Worth Value Of Media Exposure

Don't underestimate the power of media, all forms, but especially radio, TV, and Print Media.

According to Media Expert Michael Levine "One column inch of editorial space is worth one foot of paid space, because of the power of third party recommendation."

One of the best sources of competitive information is reporters.

If you help the press, they will tend to help you.

They to have extensive networks in the trade.

Send a free sample of your "wares" to the media creatively.

Their job is to get "educate, entertain, and inform" their public audience.

According to Mr. Levine, "Advertising is what you PAY for. Publicity is what you PRAY for!"

Joe Nicassio designs marketing campaigns, and coaches entrepreneurs to improve their bottom-line profits. To get your free CD "Joe Nicassio Reveals Marketing Philosophies And Secrets That Advertiser Don't Want You To Know" Send your snail mail address to [email protected]

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