Public Relations Strategies: Focus PR Campaigns with Media Coverage Analysis

Prior to launching a new public relations campaign, evaluate the media coverage you've gained and dig deep into the coverage your competition has received.

One of the first steps in defining a public relations strategy is to understand how you and your competition stack up in terms of media coverage. Taking the time to document and analyze press announcements, bylines, sourcing, thought-leadership, and overall media relations helps to focus and streamline PR campaign tactics.

In the audio book, "Sound Advice on Public Relations," author Susan Misukanis says it is important to "identify who, in your marketplace, is winning in terms of positive press coverage." Evaluate who distributes the most press releases, and whether they are actually picked up by the media.

"Know who is continuously being quoted as an expert source within stories," says Misukanis. "Quantify how many articles are being contributed, or bylined, by your competitors." From this, you begin to identify whether the companies being bylined are considered thought-leaders.

Finally, obtain media kits from the publications in your market space, and study their circulation and reader profiles. "You can understand with whom your competition is building mindshare ? which constituents' categories your competition is reaching," says Misukanis.

Weighing these findings, you'll be surprised how focused your PR campaign will become, and how clearly you can position your company's public relations vis-à-vis the competition.

Susan Misukanis offers advice on public relations strategies each week in the free audio newsletter from What's Working in Biz,

About The Author

Richard Cunningham is a principal of What's Working in Biz,, a publisher of business audiobooks and online audio programs on marketing, sales, and small business strategies.

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