VIP Database; Does Your Company Have One?

The VIP databases are fun to create and can be an excellent source for your small business. You say; VIP database, "what is that; who would I put in it?" It will contain things like mayor, city council persons, city managers, service club board members, campaign contributors in previous elections, human resource directors, P.R. directors and presidents of large companies, etc. And anyone who's anyone in your market or trading area should be put into your VIP database for easy reference. We recommend using a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet as a format.

To insure accurate information you will need to call the presidents of all clubs and introduce ourselves. By clubs we mean the Rotary, Kawanis, Lions, Elks, Optimists, Soroptimists, Genealogical Society, New Comers, etc. Then jot down all of their annual and or big upcoming events they have planned, their basic mission, big projects, weekly meetings and club contact names. Presidents of clubs love to talk about all the great things they are doing. They'll talk your ear off. So listen. When they are done talking, you start talking, volunteering and telling them about your services or products and thus you become a resource for them to do good in the city. They will pretend to care for ten to fifteen minutes and then give you the names and phone numbers of their club officers and various committee heads. These go in the VIP database. It doesn't take much to get yourself invited to a meeting or two.

Most local politicians are listed in the white pages. They usually have an answering machine and don't pick up the telephone. They want to look accessible, but it's all a facade. Half of the local politicians return phone calls and the others don't care unless you are a contributor to their re-election or you are a VIP. You need to make contact with them and tell them of your pro-active approach in your business to be a community based business and you want to help.

As your database gets bigger you will see the value and the simple meeting of all these folks will start an insider buzz and it will bring business your way as you tap into the community that supports you. Think about it.

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