Competition in the News Creates Spin

In larger cities with many outlets they are competing for more news that other outlets cannot get as fast. "THE SCOOP" and also the spin, this spin thing is so that articles can cater to the readership or so they say. I have found that many reporters including at the Wall Street Journal, Business Week, Christian Science Monitor, etc completely spin articles. How would I know this? Well I have my sources and I will not tell you!!! Just kidding, thought you might want to hear that excuse one more time.

Places where you would think that they are very impartial, will spin a story to fit their topic. For a company PR department they say most all news is good news and not to worry. Yet the other point is that if the story is too slanted it is not real. The reason I mention this is because after giving hundreds and hundreds of interviews in my life, I can say not one grasped the topic of conversation and all took quotes out of context, inadvertently misrepresented an event or spun a story to fit their needs of personal opinion or even worse were on their little time line deadline and left out pertinent information. I realize this has been going on for decades;

In my personal experience and probably since story telling came to terms with the printing press and newspapers were born. In my company we did not have a PR firm, just worthy news and news worthy events. Yet even as worthy as the WashGuys are it is nuts to think that the reporters are in such a hurry that they cannot do it correctly. It seems to me that the reporters secretly wish to be in power and therefore use their pen to promote their own agenda. The biggest problem with that is that most often the agenda is very skewed towards an academia socialist viewpoint. Which last time I checked we are a Capitalist country and everywhere socialism has been tried it has not succeeded as well as our current structure.

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