Franchise Work Vehicles Should Have a Flag on Them

If you own a franchise and have company vehicles, be sure you have a flag on it. First let's discuss the American flag. Franchising is the epitome of the free enterprise system. It's what makes America great. The entire United States government is a franchise system. The federal government grants powers to states to govern exclusive territories. They have the power to tax. They give royalties to the federal government in the form of tax revenue. Each state consists of counties. Again, counties are assigned geographical territories and have certain rights and powers. Each county has cities with charters and taxing authority (limited). Think of it this way: Franchisor = Federal Government; Master Franchisee = States; Regional Directors & Area Reps = Counties; Individual Franchisees = Cities; Customer = The People

So you see, franchising is the American way. It's what makes up America. Although, over the years, men with egos and power have perverted the system, it is still a good method of controlling vast territories. It was designed to deliver life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness to its customer's, the people. Franchising is a great tool and it opens possibilities to each and every citizen in our country. Realizing this and what we are doing here, we believe every franchise vehicle in the United States should put an American flag on their American Dream. The company vehicle represents the company which is in fact someone's American Dream; a business of their own. Our Company has car wash trucks and we have flags on all our units nationwide because symbolize more than an industry standard, more than a convenient way to get your car washed, more than just a good deal and a great idea. It represents a chance, a dream for each franchisee. It's their American dream, whatever they choose to make it.

The flag represents this great country and all it has to offer. Since our franchisees must be clean cut and fit, (the All-American image), it is even more fitting that an American flag is on our trucks. Older citizens who remember are proud to be Americans and they appreciate young people who feel the same. Veterans also like to see the flag on vehicles. It makes them feel proud to have risked their lives fighting for this country. We celebrate holidays that bring back memories of who we are, what we've sacrificed and what it means to be an American: Armistice Day, Memorial Day, Veteran's Day, The Fourth of July, President's Day, Flag Day.

When there is a crisis, our flag is a bond holding us together. It's a symbol of strength, power and freedom. It exemplifies exactly what American Small Business all about. Many of our Nations franchisees will come from military experience. A few might be out of work Aerospace workers who worked as team members for military and NASA contracts. Both of these groups will appreciate seeing the flag on your companies work vehicles. It builds camaraderie. It builds hope. It builds confidence. Many people still cry when they see a flag. Our founder is one of them. The flag on a franchised work vehicles puts the prospective customers at ease. There will be a flag on every one of our trucks and I hope this article has persuaded all of you to make sure that an American Flag is on all your company's vehicles too. Your business in not just a game. This is about a dream, freedom and the American way. Think about it and put on that flag today!

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