Auto Detailing Public Relations; United Way Withholding

As a mobile detailing company it is important to have some key corporate accounts where you can show up weekly and wash and detail cars for executives. One promotion you can do to help secure such accounts is to join in with the United Way in their promotion. The United Way depends on employees of large companies to donate 1% or 1.5% of their income through payroll withholding.

Many employees obviously might be reluctant to do this. So along with representatives from the United Way, you take your mobile washing rigs to the corporations and let the company managers wash the cars of the employees that agree to withhold money from their paychecks so as to make a contribution to the United Way. The employees get a real kick out of watching their bosses slave away washing their cars. And they will be doing it using your rigs. Therefore you get the Public Relations plug. Any employee agreeing to the deduction gets their car washed by their boss.

Since they are using your equipment you can be sure to block off the storm drains to prevent pollution and this gives another public relations plug to the event as completely EPA compliant. This works well and a great synergy takes over. We also recommend to have the United Way representative call all the newspapers. The employees, managers and executives love it. It's also great P.R. for you. Who knows maybe your auto detailing company will be on the front page of your newspaper the next day. That is what usually happens to us.

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