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Sex & Pregnancy...Do They Mix?

As a pregnant woman, you may experience sex drives much like your moods. Up and Down! Some women claim that they have no sex drive at all during pregnancy, and others, say their sex drive is better during pregnancy. With changes to your body happening so quickly, your moods and dives may also change just as quick!

Here are some common questions often asked by pregnant women with helpful answers!

Is it safe to have sex during all trimesters of pregnancy?

If there is no pain during sex and your not a high risk pregnancy, then sex is perfectly safe! If you are experiencing pain, or have a history of miscarriages, or any complications, consult with your medical professional.

I do not have any desire for sex, is this normal?

Every woman's pregnancy is different. While some women experience an increase in their sex drive, others may experience a decrease. Many women that are experiencing morning sickness, have no desire for sex at all. This is fine, and actually perfectly normal. Who wants to make love when they feel sick? As you enter your 2nd trimester, most of the time the morning sickness will start to vanish. Once this happens, you will feel better and your sex drive many appear. If you seem to just have no desire for sex at all, there are other ways to satisfy your needs and your partners needs for intimacy, such as kissing and holding each other.

Are there any positions that are more comfortable during my later months of pregnancy?

Once your belly begins to grow, it may become uncomfortable to have sex in the "man on top" position. The "spoon" position has become pretty popular among pregnant women! In this position, each partner lays on their side, with the man in the back. This way your belly is not in the way and your body is still flat.

Is it true that sex can induce labor?

According to medical professionals, there is a chemical in semen, that will soften the cervix, and aid in the labor process. However, sex will not actually induce labor. The semen can assist the labor process once it has begun, but will not actually cause labor to begin. If you are experiencing contractions, consult with your medical professional.

If you have any other questions that have not been addressed, talk with your medical professional! He or She would be more than willing to offer answers to your questions!

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Tara Grant, owner of and Tara is a warm-hearted entrepreneur, mother of 2 small children and an avid networker in the parenting communities!

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