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Painless Presentations

Did the "Painless" part of the title get your attention?

Speaking in front of a group ranks with death of a family member and loosing a job when it comes to the emotional toll it takes on some people.

If you are one of those folks who look for any excuse not to give a presentation in a meeting, social club or your church take heart. You can learn to present with confidence and style. All it takes is following a few simple steps BEFORE you get up to speak.

The first decision you need to make is determine what kind of presentation you are giving. Generally presentations will fall into one of six different forms.

  • Providing information

  • Teaching a skill

  • Reporting specific progress

  • Selling a product, a service or an idea

  • Agreeing on a decision

  • Solving a problem

    After you accurately determine the form of presentation you plan to make, the next step is building an outline. Things to consider when building you outline include an

    • Incorporate a Strong Opening statement,

    • What information does your audience need to hear?

    • Be sure you clarify and industry jargon on acronyms.

    • Clearly tell the participants exactly what's in if for them.

    • What are the benefits?

    • And a strong close.

    When you have developed your outline it is time to "fill in the blanks". The detail of your notes will vary depending on factors such as your familiarity with the subject, the number of details that need to be given and the level and amount of technical information you will be sharing.

    When the outline and notes are developed it's time for Practice, Practice and then some more PRACTICE.

    It takes about six times going through the presentation before a facilitator is comfortable with the material. Don't skimp on time here, it will show up later.

    During and after your presentation, be prepared for questions. A few tips to help here include planning for questions. Plan by answering as many questions as you can during your talk. If you get a question you don't know the answer too, don't fake it. Tell the group that you will get the information back to them as soon as you can.

    Be sure to answer the question briefly, yet completely. Do not go over your entire presentation; simply answer what was ask.

    Don't be afraid to ask for clarification if you don't understand the questions.

    If you wold like to learn more on Painless Presentations email info@TrainingConnections.ORG. We offer a one-day or two-day class for your organization.

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    About The Author

    John Robertson is a Professional Trainer with over 20 years experience in Mid to Sr. Level Management in several Fortune 500 companies. His real world experience will bring credibility to your meetings. TrainingConnections.ORG focuses on three major categories of Employee Performance Improvement; Leadership, Management and Sales Training. Contact us today for more information or check our web site.


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