Short Story: The Next Level of Humanity

"Hey Mac, have you ever been thinking of someone and then-bang! - The telephone rings and it's them on the phone?"

"Pinkus, why are you always asking me stupid inane questions that have absolutely no relevance whatsoever to the job at hand?"

Mac smiled and laughed loudly. It was the kind of laugh that could boil the water in your fishbowl. He rolled back from his desk slowly in his ergonomic computer chair, and then whipped a super-quick 360-degree wheelie stopping with perfect precision, his eyes staring directly at mine with a look of pure mischievous intent.

"You know Pinkus, I often wonder if you're actually a human at all. The planet Kleptar 12 definitely seems like a much more probable location from which your form popcorned out and graced our universe with your presence. I'm serious man, answer the question!"

Pushing back from my desk in the cubicle I tried to remember Mac's stupid question. Had I ever been thinking of someone and then the phone rang, that person calling on the line?

"Of course I have, it happens once in a while. Why do you ask? You got one of your deep-space theories that the reason for this coincidence is actually a sign that humans were spawned by giant mushroom people in another galaxy, or is it a hidden conspiracy where mutants on Pluto are controlling our minds with ectoplasm injected into our chewing gum?"

Mac didn't seem perturbed by my comments, obviously he was getting quite used to them. A very serious look covered his face; this was a rare event in itself as Mac never looked serious. Normally a smile was permanently imprinted on his mouth, a chilly reminder that maybe I wasn't as happy as I could be in this life. His face often appeared in my dreams, sometimes whispering sacred proverbs, other times just a giant head chasing me through a tunnel that stretched for eternity. Of course I never spoke of these dreams to him, I didn't want him to know that he had any effect on me, if he knew it'd be like letting a bee loose in a field of wildflowers. I'd never get him to shut up.

"Have you ever heard of the concept of a collective consciousness Pinkie old boy?" he asked in an unusually intimately sounding voice.

"Yeah of course I have. I'm a computer programmer like you man; it's called the Internet. Everyone with access to it has a means to obtaining as much knowledge as they like from anyone and anywhere in the world. What, do you think I'm a complete moron or something?"

Mac's eyes lit up, they gave the impression a tiger was about to pounce on a helpless antelope. In this particular case Pinkus Brewster was the antelope. It was at this moment the Beatles's famous song lyric "I am a walrus." popped into my head. I really could have handled being a walrus at that moment. It would have made it a slightly bit more comfortable.

"Collective consciousness is a concept I didn't create Pinkus me lad. It's the idea that a species can obtain knowledge mentally from others in the species without even searching for it. Have you ever heard the story of the bird that back in 1927 in England that was documented to have figured out how to rip the lid off a milk bottle and then eat the cream on top?"

"No. What happened?"

" Just after this event, birds of the same species all over Europe were also recorded as suddenly having gained the new skill. There was no way the information could have been passed by personal instruction, the knowledge had spread out geographically over a large area that the small birds couldn't have traveled in such a small period of time."

"So Mac, why do you feel this is so important to be telling me that I'm not getting any work done?"

"It's like the telephone call Pinkus. Humans are more connected than we are aware of. You know who's on the line beforehand because we're all linked to a field of energy that all of our species uses to learn and grow. Have you ever heard of an invention that appears at the same time historically but in two completely different parts of the world where the inventors had no contact with each other whatsoever?"

A stupefied look now covered my face. I know this because I've got a computer monitor mirror staring right back at me. Why is this crackpot telling me this bull winkle? As if reading my mind with his 'collective consciousness' Mac gave it to me straight.

"The big breakthrough is about to come Pinko. You're right about the Internet, but you're not seeing the whole picture. Now that a whole lot of us humans are hooked into this new technology it means we are hearing each other's thoughts and ideas more easily subconsciously. The feelings you have are being transmitted through your blog's words as well as the plain information. The Internet is the means for a psychic revolution! It's going to take humanity to the next level of evolution."

I sat quietly and thought to myself, "Psycho revolution more like it! This guy sure is making me feel strange. Uh, oh! -Did I just say he was making me feel strange? Already this collective consciousness idea is playing with my brain." A weird feeling of calm overcame me. Maybe other humans have gotten used to the idea and now they're sending me the knowledge to relax and take it all in easy and slow. I looked over at Mac. He was looking deep into his computer screen as if it was a set of enchanting eyes and kept whispering to himself over and over:`

"I am you, you are me. Together that makes we."

About The Author

Jesse S. Somer is an alien from Kleptar 12 hoping to show humanoids the power of the Internet as well as the power of the creatures that've created it.

[email protected]

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