Herbal Remedies to the Rescue!

Since the dawn of civilization, man has always turned to Herbal Remedies
to cure the common cold, salve wounds, relieve itching and burns, as
well as a host of other medical needs. Unfortunately, with the rising tide
of Herbal Medicine believers around the globe, doctors and other critics
alike are lashing out at Herbal Remedies as the number one killer--which is
totally unjustified.

Statistics from the American Association of Poison Control Centers
shows that pharmaceuticals caused a total of 809 fatalities and 6,407
major non-fatal poisoning in between 1988 and 1989. During the same
period, plants caused two fatalities and 53 major poisonings. The most
hazardous plants? Not Herbal Remedies...but house plants!

Just setting the record straight. Whether we're talking pharmaceuticals
or Herbal Remedies, this rule is equally applicable: overdose kills! It
doesn't seem immediately apparent that a tiny plant like ephedra can kill,
but an extract taken in big doses can indeed cause heart attack or even

Nature has blessed us with Herbal Remedies to cure common maladies.
In fact, even in the medical world, majority of the antidotes and cures are
still based on plant extracts or substances. This we tend to forget when
we swallow a pill or a capsule! Synthetic compounds still have a long
way to go in overtaking plant or animal-based medical remedies.

Mint, aloe vera, anise, chamomile, garlic, licorice, senna and many other
Herbal Remedies are part and parcel of effective medicines in wide use

Lorna Mclaren has a website http://www.123-nutrition.com where you can find more information regarding allsorts of Herbal Remedies.

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