The Undeniable Power of Suggestion

How exactly is the Human Psyche effected by the trivial "power of suggestion?" When a thought or seed is planted into the human mind, the psyche responsively triggers a lingering product of that thought. For example, urban legends have been circulated throughout history; in doing so, a mindset is incorporated into the psyche, creating a deceitful illusion that cannot distinguish fact from fiction.

Because the human brain is so very complex, it is sometimes unable to relinquish imbedded legends and trauma - somewhat like a computer, imbedded with a virus. {Coincidentally, the computer virus parallels the human psyche because we tend to go around the harbored culprit by avoidance, until we are compelled to face it when negligence is no longer available to us.}

Eventually, the human psyche begins to hone in on the product whereby the mind can no longer extract necessary information to adequately function. This, in turn, can cause fatigue, insomnia, phobias and various other problems in one's routine. As mentioned earlier, urban legends can distract the human psyche into believing something that is absolutely bogus.

In the mind-altering radio broadcast drama by Orson Wells in the early 50s, not only was the power of suggestion utilized, but also began the era of mythical urban legends of modern day society. At that time, the human psyche was so dramatically effected by the theatrical storyline that the thought patterns were directly influenced and seized for the duration of the broadcast. Or better yet, children are likely portals of trauma-induced, and prison-like mindsets. The human psyche acts as a shield; but eventually, is pierced through power of suggestion, urban legends and unfolding, traumatic events.

In the case of a battered child, the human psyche tends to harbor feelings of guilt, abandonment and residual anger. But because the human psyche has barred all intervention, the emotional side of the psyche will not transmit these deep-seeded feelings and emotions until a "trigger" allows it to escape. The same applies to phobias induced by childhood events like being stung by a bee, or even adult phobias where one may have been victimized by crime or other issues; another being the tall-tale, urban legends that have been passed down from generation to generation. These installations of the psyche instinctively retract to the hidden corners of our minds.

So, how do we extract these details so to function more appropriately? Unbelievably, and holistically speaking, the power of suggestion cannot be only mental undoing; but can also be the mental regrouping or intuitive spark of the human psyche. When we force ourselves to encounter events from the past, or discover that certain urban legends aren't real, or face our phobias head on, the human psyche can release frozen material and absolve us from it.

When speaking of the power of suggestion, it simply translates to mind over matter. By coming to terms with an issue, addressing it and affirming your stance over it, the human psyche can and will bring about unsettled emotions, fears and feelings. In doing so, the human psyche collaboratively enables the mind, body and spirit to release tension and stress; thus allowing total peace of mind, and an overall sense of well-being.

The power of suggestion is indeed omnipotent when used in positive conjunction as a method of self-treatment. Daily affirmations, meditations and Tai-Chi are wonderful vessels for the power of suggestion, spiritual & emotional health, and good anatomical health as well.

In closing, a quote from F. Langbridge from 'A Cluster of Quiet Thoughts' -- "Two men look out through the same bars: One sees the mud, and one the stars..."

In other words, the human psyche has internal insight to control our individual being...the way we view our environments, events and people can be fulfilling and happy if we allow our psyche to free itself -- through power of suggestion.

© 05/2003 - The Undeniable Power of Suggestion by C. Bailey-Lloyd/LadyCamelot

C. Bailey-Lloyd/LadyCamelot is the Public Relations' Director & Staff Writer for Holistic Junction -- Your source for Insightful Literature, Holistic Practitioners, Massage Therapy Schools and much more!

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