The Essence of Being Human

What does it mean to be Human? Well if you reflect on your thoughts and behaviors and those of the individuals around you on this planet since the beginning of our existence here I think you will likely come to the conclusion that to wear the label Human is not exactly endearing or desirable.

The death and destruction that we have brought to ourselves, others and the environment is clearly evident. As you reflect on this how do you feel knowing that you also are one of those Humans? I suspect that some may wish they they could somehow disown their species.

Before you choose to give up on your species however I would like to suggest that your conclusions may need to be reassessed. It is possible that we have all been seduced into "thinking" that all this death and destruction is part of our true nature.

Of course, if it were, we would not be happy or satisfied with ourselves, would we? In fact wouldn't we feel trapped in something that none of us really desires? Isn't that the reason many of us have been on a spiritual path, to try to alter or change this sad state of affairs?

If you follow me so far I think you will recognize that inside each of us there is a Being that recognizes that there is something wrong with our current state. This Being has to have an awareness of what is good for us and what is not good for us.

It has to have a frame of reference from which it can assess whether we are where we want to be or not. If such a Being did not exist, we would not be able to discern whether the destructive behaviors we see emerging from our bodies were in fact destructive. Instead we would just feel it was natural to exhibit destuctive behaviors and therefore would have no desire to change something that feels natural. But it doesn't feel natural, does it?

You can readily feel this from the feelings of sadness or regret you experience after you have noticed yourself exhibiting a destructive behavior. So you see, something, or someone inside you is commenting on the destructive behavior through the language of feelings, namely the sadness or regret.

The behaviours are just that, behaviors. Where do they stem from? Well from the thoughts that we entertain in our minds. These in turn arise from the conditioning that we call our life history. This conditioning is stored as memories and beliefs in our minds and bodies.

In a recent article I wrote entitled "We Are Not Our Personalities" I discussed my experience with a new tool called the Mind Resonance Process(TM) and its ability to "dismantle" the persoanlity. In doing so what emerges is the Being I talked about earlier, The Being who "knows" and has always known what it means to be Human. That to be Human means not to identify with something that you are not i.e. what you call your thoughts, your memories, your behaviors, and your life history.

Nick Arrizza M.D. is an Energy Psychiatrist, Healer,Speaker, Researcher, Developer of the Powerful Mind Resonance Process(TM) and is the Author of e-book "Esteem for the Self: A Manual for Personal Transformation" which can be downloaded from his web site at: He holds International Telephone and Teleconferencing sessions on Healing and Spirituality.

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