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The following quote is a review I found on Amazon.com for a book I have only read about but seems to confirm many other things. The book is written by a former Chair of Material Sciences at Stanford and I think it fits the work of Dr. Don Robins as well as other Intelligent Design researchers we have discussed.

"Mind Over Matter -- Proven!, June 11, 2002 Reviewer: Dave Stein, Scientific Editor, Frontier Perspectives

In striking contrast with many books focused on next-generation physics, mathematics, biology, psychology, or medicine, Conscious Acts of Creation combines a brilliant theoretical model with several rigorous experiments that explore the influence of human intention on physical reality - in living as well as inanimate systems. It is in these convincing demonstrations that the principle "as above, so below" comes to life. Even more profoundly, the book establishes that repetition of the experiments in given locales can dramatically increase the power of the locales to reproduce the results - with some locales retaining their conditioning or "charge" for more than a year! These findings lend plausibility to that which mystics know as "sacred space."

A postulated theoretical model provides a launch point for interpreting the experimental results. Its major cornerstone is an eight-dimensional biconformal base space with two four-dimensional, Fourier transform related subspaces. One subspace corresponds to our everyday world, whereas the other subspace is a reciprocal or inverse "etheric" space - roughly analogous to k-space but with additional postulated properties including superluminal "velocities" (presumably in inverse units) and interchanged roles of electricity and magnetism. The model incorporates nonlocality, a scientific principle that may someday prove to be the underpinning for phenomena such as parapsychology and distant healing. Furthermore, the authors note similarities between their model and models proposed by other scientists, some highly prominent. Granted, the model becomes more speculative when it associates even higher dimensionalities with emotion, mind, and spirit. Even then, however, it remains consistent with various esoteric teachings, and it may yet provide the empowering mechanism for manifestation of intention (where the two subspaces, in some ways mutually symmetric, appear to play asymmetric roles) and in otherwise connecting science with spirit. Readers who disagree with the postulated model will nonetheless benefit from the authors' brilliant insights.

Mysticism aside, the postulated "mind over matter" mechanisms include a possible role for variation in atomic and molecular ground state energies. The observed space conditioning is discussed in the context of gauge symmetries. Rounding out the model are the insightful discussions of augmented electromagnetism (which the authors associate with Qi), inner self-management techniques such as Qi Gong and Yoga, and even the existence of two phases of liquid water. In Chapters 9 and 10, the authors become futurists as they suggest possible implications of reciprocal space engineering for medicine, pharmacology, communications, and manufacturing.

On the experimental side, the authors set the example in thoroughness and scientific rigor, although the in-depth discussion of the protocols as well as the order of topics may impact the book's readability. A mitigating factor is the brilliant introduction to gauge theory and the elucidation of several other topics including self-sustained oscillations, crystallography, and reciprocal space. In fact, the book is a mini physics course that presents various principles of electromagnetism, thermodynamics, solid-state physics, and quantum mechanics in a readable and understandable way. Also included is a brilliant discussion of enzymes, coenzymes and the electron transport chain as they relate to the experiments.

Scientists, healers, and others who investigate or work with subtle energies will appreciate the authors' insights on repeatability of experimental results. In the mainstream scientific community, replication of results is a test for credibility; yet consistent results in healing, dowsing, remote viewing, and ESP are often elusive. Armed with successful demonstrations of space conditioning, the authors shed new light on this longstanding issue - although they discuss other factors, both geocosmic and human, that can also impact repeatability of results.

Conscious Acts of Creation makes a convincing case that the powerful effects of intention and emotion can no longer be disregarded - in healing, in scientific research, or even in everyday life. The authors' findings may indeed have profound consequences for the concept of scientific "objectivity." More significantly, this book will take the reader beyond the realm of the everyday world and will expand one's view of himself or herself as a co-creator of reality. It is for this reason that Conscious Acts of Creation is essential reading - not only for scientists, engineers, and health care practitioners (both mainstream and complementary) but also for others who seek to maximize their human experiences. Conscious Acts of Creation indeed heralds and points a way ahead for 'the emergence of a new physics.'"

Water Crystals Respond:

Dr. Masaru Emoto has shown some really fantastic interactions not unlike Tiller's experiments in lattice formation and interactions between mind and other energy around us.

"My efforts to photograph ice crystals and conduct research began to move ahead. Then one day the researcher ? who was as caught up in the project as I ? said something completely out of the blue: 'Let's see what happens when we expose the water to music.'

I knew that it was possible for the vibrations of music to have an effect on the water. I myself enjoy music immensely, and as a child had even had hopes of becoming a professional musician, and so I was all in favour of this off-the-wall experiment.

At first we had no idea what music we would use and under what conditions we would conduct the experiment. But after considerable trial and error, we reached the conclusion that the best method was probably the simplest ? put a bottle of water on a table between two speakers and expose it to a volume at which a person might normally listen to music. We would also need to use the same water that we had used in previous experiments.

We first tried distilled water from a drugstore.

The results astounded us. Beethoven's Pastoral Symphony, with its bright and clear tones, resulted in beautiful and well-formed crystals. Mozart's 40th Symphony, a graceful prayer to beauty, created crystals that were delicate and elegant. And the crystals formed by exposure to Chopin's Etude in E, Op. 10, No. 3, surprised us with their lovely detail.

All the classical music that we exposed the water to resulted in well-formed crystals with distinct characteristics. In contrast, the water exposed to violent heavy-metal music resulted in fragmented and malformed crystals at best.

Can words affect water, too?

But our experimenting didn't stop there. We next thought about what would happen if we wrote words or phrases like 'Thank you' and 'Fool' on pieces of paper, and wrapped the paper around the bottles of water with the words facing in. It didn't seem logical for water to 'read' the writing, understand the meaning, and change its form accordingly. But I knew from the experiment with music that strange things could happen. We felt as if we were explorers setting out on a journey through an unmapped jungle.

The results of the experiments didn't disappoint us. Water exposed to 'Thank you' formed beautiful hexagonal crystals, but water exposed to the word 'Fool' produced crystals similar to the water exposed to heavy-metal music, malformed and fragmented." (4)

What laws of science or lattice formation are at work here? How connected is life and what amount of soul or 'chhi' is in all things? Could the ancients and even more materialistic man of the present use these energies to find water or minerals?

Author of Diverse Druids

Columnist for The ES Press Magazine

Guest 'expert' at World-Mysteries.com

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