Are Observations Objective?

On the outset all observations may seem to be objective, but in reality subjectivity tends to shape the objective observations. The observations can be categorized into three for better understanding Objective, Subjective, medley of subjective/objective observations.

Any observation that requires objective proof falls under the objective category. Ex: the observations of scientific laws. Majority of the scientific observations such as the "Brownian Motion" etc. are Objective in nature. But it is very much possible for the observer to incorporate his expectations and desires unconsciously. Given the nature of human being, it will be unfair to blame those observers. In the field of science, Objective observations are very much dominant. There is nothing called subjective observations, it is actually baseless to be purely subjective.

A medley of subjectivity over objectivity is the norm of the world. This is something that happens in our day to day life. Most part of our day we observe and make choices. Our observations differ with someone elses. Why? It is because 'People see the world with their beliefs and values', each ones perception of the world differs, adding subjectivity to the observation. Let us see an anecdote to emphasize that subjectivity prevails.

Two marketing guys from two different shoe sales company were asked to visit a under developed country. To study the market scenario and plan whether it makes sense for the company to open a branch there. The two guys visited the country and came back with their findings. The first guy said 'These people do not even wear slippers, there is no market here. It is not advisable to branch out here'. The second guy was with full vigor his report stated 'These people do not wear slippers, there is a huge market'.

This explains the power of Subjectivity.

The worldly trend is to be objective but unconsciously we tend to be subjective, it is high time we recognize that!


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