Balancing Brain Lobes - Mutras

When does consciousness exist? Will the sentient robots being created with nanotechnology and the dumping of human memory such as was done to a computer chip by Stanford in 1999 have a soul of their own? I do not believe our soul is dumped in this process. But the issue of soul can be debated until the cows come home by observers of natural phenomena. Modern science has no greater insight than the ancient observers. In fact the ancients spent more time attuning with consciousness or soul in all things ? elemental and spiritual. Most nature worshippers are able to see an element of soul in rocks and trees and the recent fact that science provides about the white pine eating insects or the changing colour of leaves not being for the first frost add to the possibility as I see it. I love the saying of the Mayans ? 'Do not put your self in front of your SELF.'

Our chakras may be conscious collectives of our solar bodies which have atoms and molecules inside us coalescing their consciousness. By acting as a creative agent in this coalescence we create or manifest reality. Part of the matter of Free Will is involved in these considerations that man can choose to avoid or to act upon. It is LIFE and growth, rather than some weird obsession with sins, fears and guilt which has been foisted upon us by theocracies focussed on power. Spiritual avoidance has lead to theologic tribal mud-slinging by 'Chosen Ones' whose prejudices cause war, and other hell fires and damnation against the PURPOSE of Divine Providence.

The female (passive vs. dynamic) or left side of the Tree of Life (Yggdrasil) as developed from rock representations of man and his vital egress and power entry points such as the Third Eye were known so long ago that I dare not type all the zeroes. I know many 'zeroes' of the non-mathematical variety would assail my naiveté or sense of who man is. These people are as 'sinister' as those who made the left-handed witches or heretics prove themselves as worthy in the 'autos da fe' or other vile acts of the heinous Church the Pope apologized for in 1999. 'Sinister' means left-handed and my older brother had teachers rap his knuckles to try to beat it out of him. My father had had this happen to him and he made them stop their evil behaviour. There are so many 'sinister' ways the paradigm programs us into being their sheep.

On a personal level you can close your eyes and focus your thoughts as you move your eyes to the eight points equidistant from each other in a circle. Spend 15 seconds or so at each point and breathe with conscious centering effect. The final point is where your look into the Third Eye inside your skull behind your forehead. Stay there and feel the 'buzz. ? you have balanced the energy flowing to all lobes in the brain. This system known as the Mudras or Mutras in India and Greece can help Schizophrenics or other disassociative stress better than the 'pharmacological lobotomies' (term used by Drs. Breggin and Cohen) of our medical model, or social management of 'money trees'. Why is our brain structured the way it is ? or how did the ancients know a chakra system that mirrors modern neurophysiological mapping of our nervous system. The same can be noted in the correlation of the psychic points chart, acupuncture chart and lymph system. Is this a case of 'As Above, So Below' or Intelligent Design?

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