Dogs Use Psycho-Cybernetics To Accomplish Goals

Dogs picture in their minds an event of an activity they wish to perform whether it hunting a rodent, greeting their human companions at the door or retrieving a stick. This helps them set goals similar to psycho-cybernetic human intent goal oriented human endeavors. We know dogs do this for two reasons. One, when they sleep their paws move as if they are running. Some might say that this is nervous system reactions, but fRMI scans show these are simultaneously happening with motor areas of the brain. Secondly the memory of motions for dogs is evident in the way they approach problem solving while moving toward an object such as a bone or Frisbee. If the Frisbee is thrown in a standard fashion the dog jumps and takes it the same every time and commits the action to muscle memory, which is an indication of that reflex of motion being done over and over again in its mind.

Some who have said to have connections with their animals occasionally pick up low frequency dreams of their pets. Some might say this is utter non-sense yet those who study such mind connections with animals seem to have shown a telepathy transfer of thought there. One such researcher has documented that pets and their masters do send out subconscious signals to one another. The rare occasions where humans claim they pick up visual stimuli in the form of pictures from their animals comes when both are asleep. In these dreams the humans say they see sequences of images in their dreams from the perspective of the animal. In other words a perspective from being very low to the ground and running around doing normal dog or animal activities, such as jumping into a vehicle, running around a tree or jumping off a deck and tumbling. If this is true and these dreams are in fact coming from the animal this proves the visual psycho-cybernetic tendencies of canines, perhaps all mammals, birds, fish and reptiles. This would make sense considering the memory imprinting that we believe these brains do operate. Even if the dreams are merely wishful thinking on the part of the human taken into the humans unconsciousness as one tries to empathize with their pets this would not negate the probability of such psycho-cybernetic learning and goal achievement strategies for canine intent. In fact there is enough evidence now to conclude that most all higher mammals do in fact achieve their goals this way. Probably birds too. Birds like Eagles can be fooled by their own visual memory, which fills in details of objects far away, meaning the imprintation of that memory is there? The question is only how are they using it or are they using it in their subconscious thoughts? Dream? Think on this.

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