15 Tips For Making A Great Speech

1. Listen to your internal dialog.

2. Visualize a positive out come.

3. It's not all your fault.

4. Do you believe in your message, do you have
something to say?

5. Look at your audience as an extension of your

6. Prepare a good introduction and conclusion.
Open with impact, close with direction.

7. Be Natural.

8. Tape Yourself.

9. The audience want speakers who are believable,
dynamic, comfortable, enthusiastic, knowledgeable,
uses humor.

10. A good speaker leaves the audience hungry for
more. Stimulate them to action.

11. Over dress.

12. Read your audience's reaction. Learn to dance
with them. You lead, they will follow.

13. Ask for angled or curved seating, so the
audience can see each other's reactions.

14. Your audience will best remember the first and
last things you discuss, plus those which are
outstanding, relevant, and repeated.

15. FOR A SHORT SPEECH: Identify your topic. Write
the conclusion you want to reach. Write your
attention getting opening. Choose 3 key points
you want to make. Find or create a story or
illustration that proves each point. Add linkage
to bridge the gap between (transitions).

If I can do it, so can you. With 20 years of experience under my
belt, I put together a very special report for you; "Public
Speaking Made Easy". There are four simple steps, and great solutions
on dealing with the fear of speaking.

Complete details are at; http://www.words4-u.com/1fear.html
Kathy Thompson, Writer, Speaker, Profiler also provides; coaching,
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Kathy at; [email protected]

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Otoe County 4-H students compete at 4-H Public Speaking Contest ...
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The Otoe County 4-H Public Speaking Contest was Sunday, April 15, at the Otoe County Fair Center in Syracuse. There were 27 Otoe County 4-H members who participated in this event.The 4-H Public Speaking Contest helps youth develop skills for ...
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Galva FFA's Hawes wins District 1 Public Speaking competition
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Galva High School FFA member Lauren Hawes placed first overall in the District 1 Public Speaking event held at Geneseo High School on April 4. Galva High School FFA member Lauren Hawes placed first overall in the District 1 Public Speaking event held ...

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In her bestselling essay Women & Power: A Manifesto, Mary Beard gives her readers a depressing history lesson about how classical society abominated the very idea of women speaking in public. This can happen insidiously, even if not through a statutory ...

FFA member takes sixth at State Public Speaking
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MARYSVILLE — Recently, Maribeth Pozderac, a Fredericktown FFA member, attended the State Public Speaking Contest to represent Knox County and District 7 in the Extemporaneous Public Speaking portion of the contest. The event was held at Marysville ...


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Dale Carnegie (1888-1955), the famed author of How to Win Friends and Influence People and founder of the Dale Carnegie Institute, which teaches a public speaking course, encouraged people to speak about topics they know a lot about. More than that, he ...
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