What Is Thought Field Therapy?

Dr. Roger Callahan is and American psychologist who discovered Thought Field Therapy over 20 years ago. Since then, he has refined the technique to be the cutting-edge treatment it is today. TFT provides a code, that when applied to a specific psychological problem which the client is tuned into, will get rid of perturbations in the thought field. The technique itself combines elements of acupuncture, Chinese medicine, applied kinesiology, and also more traditional methods such as cognitive behavioural therapy and psychoanalysis.

Thought fields exist even though you can't physically see or hear them. As a similar example, even though we cannot see radio waves, we know for a fact that they exist. All thoughts are "things"; they are invisible, non-material structures that exist in space, and the perturbations I have mentioned before are encoded in thought fields. These are said to be the main cause of all negative feelings and sensations that we experience.

So what is a perturbation? Well, let me use the analogy of a computer; sometimes when you switch your computer on, it may not work properly. In this case, if you were to call a computer technician, he would come and investigate, and he would eventually discover the cause of the problem. If a virus was found, he would need to remove this from your computer's hard drive before your programs would be able to work again. A perturbation is just like a virus, and the TFT algorithm, or "recipe" that you apply to yourself removes all traces of this virus. When you apply the TFT technique, you are not doing anything directly to your brain or its biochemistry. Rather, You are providing a code that is used to get rid of the emotional distress at its root.

When you use a TFT recipe, you are stimulating specific meridian points by tapping with two fingers in an exact, predetermined sequence. A different set of codes exists for each type of problem, and you must use the correct sequence in order for the recipe to have the desired effect.

There are 14 possible treatment points on the body. The recipes were developed not by chance, but as a result of many years of extensive research and causal diagnosis. The most important thing about using TFT is that when you apply the recipe, you need to be tuning into the emotional distress. For example, let's say you have a fear of snakes; before you begin applying the TFT, you MUST be experiencing the emotional and physiological reactions that you have when you see a snake. That is, you need to be "in the feeling".

TFT is a really popular therapy, because once you have learnt one algorithm, it's not hard to learn the others - all of the algorithms follow a similar format. TFT is also popular because it allows you to take control of your own emotional issues without having to reveal the details of them to another person ? you simply learn the recipes, and apply them to yourself as needed. You can do TFT anywhere, any time - it only takes a few minutes. After you have applied a successful TFT treatment, you can think about whatever it was that was upsetting you previously without any trace of emotional upset.

How Can TFT Help You?

TFT can be used to treat many common problems including:

  • Anxiety
  • Phobias
  • Depression
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Addictions
  • Anger
  • Jealousy
  • Guilt
  • Physical Pain


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    Sonia Devine is a qualified professional hypnotherapist and success coach with a caring and committed approach to healing, who lives in Melbourne, Australia. You can find more of her information on TFT, self image, love, relationships, hypnosis and much more on her website Manifest Your Success

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