Eucalyptus Pure Essential Oil

Eucalyptus pure essential oil is obtained from the leaves and branches of the eucalyptus tree, also known as Eucalyptus Globulus. This tree originated in Australia, where the aborigines likely discovered its medicinal properties and started experimenting with the oil. The oil is extracted through steam distillation, which used about 110 pounds of Eucalyptus tree to make 2 pounds of oil.

The main therapeutic ingredient in eucalyptus essential oil is eucalyptol. This main ingredient, eucalyptol, has very strong germicidal and disinfectant properties. On a psychological level, it helps to relieve exhaustion and mental sluggishness.

The following are a few of the conditions eucalyptus oil helps with:

  • Suppresses Coughs: Make a compress with the oil, and masage into the chest.
  • Purify a sickroom: Excellent way of disinfecting a room where someone is, or has been sick. Just diffuse some oil into the air, and the germicidal properties will kill the germs in the air, giving you a clean room with clean air. Excellent for the wintertime, when it is more difficult to air out the house.
  • Your Well-Being: Apply some eucalyptus oil and massage oil to your pulse or pressure points. Eucalyptus is one of the few oils you can apply directly to the skin.
  • Infections: Apply some eucalyptus oil to the bandage, or gauze, and wrap the wound with it. Once again, the main ingredient, eucalyptol, has very strong germicidal and disinfectant properties.
  • Dandruff: Mix 10 drops of eucalyptus oil with your shampoo. As a side note, you should also use an all-natural shampoo. This will also help with the dandruff.
  • Eucalyptus pure essential oil can be used for a variety of conditions. This makes it an excellent addition for your well-being.

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