Find Bucks in Yucks! 20-Year-Old Woman Turns Doghouses into Dollars!

Do you dream of making money in real estate? Do you realize how easy it is to make big bucks? Even a young inexperienced person can transform houses for great profit.

How to Fix, Flip, and Laugh All the Way to the Bank

At the age of twenty, our family friend Dawn made her first fortune flipping houses by herself. Dawn bought her first HUD repo (government-owned repossessed house), fixed it up and sold it herself. She made enough money to buy her second fixer house with all cash. Our young friend sold her second house for $44,000 profit and paid cash for her third fixer house. Within a few months, Dawn sold that house and had enough money to pay cash for another house and reward herself with her custom dream truck. Dawn did all this -- Three Doghouses -- In Nine Months!

How did Dawn do all this on her own? Dawn bought houses that needed only cosmetic work, not heavy construction. She painted the homes herself inside and out and put in updated lighting and plumbing fixtures. With new carpeting installed, the houses sold immediately to happy new owners.

Dawn says: "I loved buying properties and fixing them up; I also loved to work for myself. What freedom I had in my early years when all of my other friends had to work full time. Just like my Mom says 'carpet and paint makes you look like what you ain't', and 'there's bucks in yucks.' What someone would turn their nose up to, I bought and fixed up, and I said yuck all the way to the bank." (Don't you love how Dawn says her "early years?")

Now It's Your Turn

You too can start your own real estate investing business. You don't need savings -- it's possible to purchase houses with no money down and ask the seller to pay the closing costs. Don't listen to cynics who claim it can't be done today in this crazy market. We purchased our 27th house in 2004 for no money down, and expect to make a profit of no less than $100,000 (for one month of work)!

Our secret to success is making the house outshine the competition by using Design and Marketing Psychology to sell fast for higher profit. Buyers don't notice the psychology used, but they FEEL happy in the home and know they want it; even if it costs more than the house next door. Design Psychology will help you to choose the right colors, lighting, and materials to attract buyers in a specific price range.

You can also learn the secrets of Marketing Psychology to stage your transformed dollhouse in a way that entices buyers to pay more. Visit Joy to the website to see photographs of doghouses transformed into dollhouses.

What other business makes as much money as real estate investing? What other business gives great profit with so little start-up cost? More millionaires have made their fortune in real estate than in any other business.

Stop dreaming of making money in real estate. Now that you understand the possibilities, what are you waiting for? Invest in your future today.

(c) Copyright 2004, Jeanette J. Fisher. All rights reserved.

Professor Jeanette Fisher, author of Doghouse to Dollhouse for Dollars, Joy to the Home, and other books teaches Real Estate Investing and Design Psychology. For more articles, tips, reports, newsletters, and sales flyer template, see http://www.doghousetodollhouse

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