Business Credit Card Dirty Tricks

My system teaches people that the proper use of credit is the fastest way to speed up your profits in real estate investing.

And you can use this system no matter what your own credit score is.

What you must understand is how to use a newly created business name to go out and get business credit cards and lines of credit for your real estate investing activities.

My step by step program shows you exactly how to do this the right way. So you can get the cash you need to buy and flip property for a quick profit.

Some people wonder why it is so good to get cash for real estate investing with this trick.

Well here are a few reasons -

1. No matter how much cash I get with these business cards, this debt has no impact on my credit score. It is invisible and will not show up on anyone's personal credit report.

2. Low cost to access cash from business lines of credit, unlike your typical refinance charges.

3. I want to defer any expense I can with a business credit card until the property is sold, even if that is not for 5 years.

4. Everyone gets a much better cash on cash return when you defer expenses with business credit.

5. In many cases my mortgage forces me to make a principal payment every month. So now I can return that cash flow back into my pocket without costly refinance charges every 2 years.

6. And finally, I can triple my cash flow every month, which lets me purchase more great real estate 3 times faster, and retire in luxury 20 years faster than the average american!

HERE ARE THE TRICKS ---------------------------

But, you need to know some of the dirty tricks the credit card companies try to pull on you when you are following this system.

---some business lenders will randomly pull credit to see if you are personally carrying a lot of debt as it relates to your available credit. If you do not keep most of your debt shifted to the name of a new business you create you can get a nasty surprise.

The bank will sometimes raise your interest rate when you begin to carry a lot of debt in your own name. This is another great reason to keep debt out of your own name when possible.

---some business credit cards will lock down your line of credit during the first month you start using it while they wait for you to make the first payment. So if you think you will need all the cash before the first monthly payment is made, just take all the cash out at once when you get the card.

---and my favorite way to use these cards that no one else talks about is to transfer an existing personal credit card balance onto a new business card you just received.

You can call up the bank that issues you a brand new business credit card and tell them you want to make a balance transfer. Then you can give them the account number for one of your maxed out personal credit cards and they will put that debt into the business credit card.

This is the best way to make your personal debt disappear from public records and improve your personal credit score!!!

Of course you must still pay this debt back the same as if it was still in your personal name. But when it's on your business credit card it's invisible and your credit score will jump up!

------------------- --------------------

And see why my HOW TO BEAT THE SYSTEM in real estate investing, is the ultimate NO MONEY DOWN system that will make you rich quickly.

When you buy real estate with cash from a business line of credit you are a CASH BUYER, but you have not used any of your own money for the down payment.

My system shows you how to do this no matter WHAT YOUR CREDIT SCORE is!

Don't limit your real estate investing to gimmicks like creative financing.

Buy anything you want with real CASH. Just go out and get it using my HOW TO BEAT THE SYSTEM in real estate investing.

Sincerely, Thomas Kish
President of CashFlowExperts.Biz

Tom is a full time real estate investor. He has purchased and sold over 5 million dollars worth of real estate in less than 2 years.

Tom is an expert in using new business lines of credit instead of cash to buy real estate. There is no one else teaching anything like this SYSTEM of real estate investing!

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