Why Real Estate?

Five months ago I was faced with a decision to keep doing the same thing that I loved or go and try something different and change my life for the better. Well would you like to know what happened?

Maybe next time. No, just kidding. I changed my life for the better. I am the president of my own personal service cooperation. We serve average people and help them create extraordinary income streams. Most of the people are seasoned investors and get in and out of the real estate game. Then when they are broke the get in again and make some money then stop again. A great passive stream of income that flows reguardless if you work or not can flow through your life day by day. The good news is that this stream can get passed on to your children's children.

Well continue reading and I will show you how to do it. On you average day you drive to and from work. You drive the same way every day if you are a reptile brain. You change paths if you are a mammal brain. Today you are in the middle. You are going to stop in your neighborhood and take pictures of vacant ugly houses. Let me start by defining UGLY. A UGLY house has plywood for the windows. A chain and a pad lock for the door, vines growing on the side of the house, stinky carpet and cat urine all over the place. Yes the uglier the house the bigger the discount. Take a picture of this ugly house. It will be worth a lot of cash for you if you read the rest of this letter.

Then wait for response and the if price is below MAO (Maximum Allowable Offer) it's a deal. If it's not, move on and try to find another deal. Now you have to sell the house. Don't worry the hardest part is over already. If you did it right there should be enough money in there for everyone to make a profit. You are going to run a add in the newspaper. Any five days will be fine. You will get more than enough calls than you can handle. You must make sure that your prepared to deal with the volume. The purpose of this add is not for you to sell the house, put for you to create a buyers list of Investors and individuals who want to buy the house you are selling. Are you ready? The answer is simple, "Fear". You can only fail your way to the top step by step. But if you learn not to fail your way to the top the journey only gets lighter. I hope this information was useful to you and see you on the top!

Linton Gentles is the President of Gentles Gifts and many other successful business. A 28 year old individual who loves to share his business ideas with others.

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