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Why Cant You be More Like Me?

Here is a non-scientific, but fun way to see which style you may be. Read the poem below and then identify which one of the styles is most like you. You will also start to see and understand the behavioral style of other people around you just from reading the poem. Now you can be better prepared to speak to people the way they want to be spoken to and sell to people the way they want to be sold to.


D's are daring, determined to win Stay out of their way if you have thin skin Blunt, direct, with a nary smile No problem at all, that long extra mile Focused on winning, they rush through the day For them the art of winning is just child's play Leaders they are, but few rules to be found They win by the force of their, pound, pound, pound! Mountains they challenge, they assault each top The problem with them, is making them stop If winning is first then, then their style is just fine But remember their motto, "What's the bottom line?" SOCIALIZER

Charming, confident, optimistic and fun They smile all day while continuing to run Popular and persuasive is the butterfly Convincing, inspiring to life's passerby Open-minded this talker where friends do abound The high I spreads influence, to sell by the pound To know them is to love them with their winning smile They will sell you their story with charm and beguile Effusive, influential, trusting and true They need you to love them, it's their point of view Never mind all the paper work, no time for all that They inspire all the others, while leading the pack


Steady and passive are the folks we call S Relaxed and deliberate, they show us no stress Card players they are, with no tip on their face Never try and guess, if they're holding an ace Understanding and mild, they support the whole team Without them along, it would make us all scream Complacent and stable, they run a quiet show But not to worry, the S just moves slow Inactive, serene, stable and more The strength of the S is deep in the core Deliberate and amiable, they don't relish change Just give them a job that's home on the range


Exacting and precise is our friend the high C Their use of high standards is like Galilee Patient and careful, they arm with the truth Emotion and hype are to them just uncouth Conventional and careful, no stone is unturned High standards are theirs, so they never get burned Fact finders they are, armed with the truth Emotion and hype are to them just uncouth

Conventional and careful, no stone is unturned High standards are theirs, so they never get burned Fact finders they are, armed with their scopes Just give them the time to learn all the ropes Rules of the C are the guideposts of life Perfectionists they are, taking facts in their stride No money is lost with a C by your side

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