Making Whoopie!

Whoopie Pies that is! Other known as "Moon Cakes"

Wicked Whoopies

Amy who loves to bake would have never thought to earn a living baking whoopie pies?! It sounds crazy now, she says because no one else has done such a thing. She loves to bake (even now, four million whoopie pies later. Whoopie Pies fall under many names. In the state of Main when something's good everyone called them "wicked." In essence this was Amy's calling and her name began "Wicked Whoopies"

Whoopie History

Other names would be "Gobs". Some say they are Pennsylvania Dutch/Amish born. Perhaps it was Whoopie Pies that were created by the Amish. There are sects of the Amish living in Maine and in Lancaster County, PA. Wherever they were planted, they are scrumptious; Wicked Whoopies gives new meaning to the word "Yummy"

Lining Up

Amy, a new mother, with baby Isabella under her arm and a basket of Whoopies in the other, She set off to make deliveries. Customers knew Amy's schedule and often met her at the door, eagerly awaiting a freshly baked Wicked Whoopie.

In Demand

Although moving slowly with a pace of six Wicked Whoopies per hour, initial production was slow-going. In one week alone, Amy burned out the motors of four mixers. She had no business experience, but she was determined. Amy's goal was - and still is - to share her Wicked Whoopies with everyone in America. Over time, Wicked Whoopies production capacity expanded, their customer base broadened, and they were making thousands of pies each week.

Husband David Called It a Whoopie Explosion

Within a couple of years, stacks of baking sheets were as tall as my ten-year-old son, Maxx. Tables and ovens lined all sides of the kitchen, leaving just an 18" aisle for walking. Our dining room had become shipping and receiving central, jammed with boxes, bags, and packing slips. Our den housed sacks of flour, sugar and cocoa. When David came home one afternoon and declared our house a disaster area caused by "Whoopie Explosion," I decided it was time to build a commercial bakery.

Why "Isamax Snacks?"

You've probably figured it out by now: the company is named after their two children, Isabella and Maxx and so, of course, it's pronounced "Izzamax." Wicked Whoopies is a "Celebrity" Wicked Whopies has been a feature osn Oprah`s Favorite things and gifts under $50 for gift giving during the holidays of 2004. Here is the link

In the Mix

Chocolate Chip
Oatmeal Cream
Peanut Butter
Raspberry & Cream
Wicked Big Wicked Whoopie

Grab yourself a Whoopie -

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