What is it That You Want, Honey? Discover Wealth and Prosperity with the Angels of Abundance

As you already know, the Angels are here; ready to assist us but how can they assist us if they aren't control freaks or butt-in-skees? Obviously, they don't butt in. I have never heard my Angels telling me that I "should" do something. Yes, they'll apprise me of a situation but it's stated as fact. They'll never say that I should do anything in particular about a situation. They leave it up to my common sense and free will to figure out whether I want to use the information they give me or not.

We have to ask for that which we want. In order for them to help without butting in, we have to let them know our fondest desire and then keep our focus on it. I believe that the Angels, being here to assist, truly do. It's only when our focus wavers and changes quickly due to fear or confusion that the help seems slow in coming. We like to change our minds many times. We vacillate. We waver. We simply can't keep our minds on that which we want and focus on our fears instead. What's an Angel to do? How does the Angel know what it is to help with if we keep switching gears?

Do you notice when your focus changes? Do you give your original desire enough time and attention for it to be accomplished on the physical plane? The angel can assist immediately and does, but as we are combinations of body, mind and soul, physical abundance comes to us in physical ways. The Angel clears the path from us to that which we seek. Do you focus on it long enough for it to manifest in the physical?

When my siblings were little kids and I was the older sister, whoever the two year old was would often demand that s/he be given everything within eyesight. Trying to help, I'd give the child whatever toy it was they pointed to. They'd cry and throw it at me and then demand something else. This would go on for the longest time. I'd ask my mother, "What does s/he want?" as I couldn't figure it out. My mother would answer, exasperated, "S/he doesn't know what s/he wants." We'd then try to distract the child or interest it in something else. If it was the afternoon, we'd put the kid down for a nap and give up trying to please him or her. I wonder sometimes if the Angels, sensing our frustration, want to say something like, "Sleep on it, Honey, and when you know what you want, get back to us."

Follow these steps:

Become clear on what you want.

Ask the Angels to assist by telling them what you want.

Keep your focus.

Affirmation: I clearly and easily know what I want and I convey that information to my Angel.

Copyright 2005, Catherine M. Kasper

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