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Change How You Say It, Change Your Attractiveness

Language, whether it's emerging from our mind, our heart, or our lips, says a lot about ourselves. It tells others what state we're in at the time, actually where we are in our life, as well as how we dress our self, our body and our soul. It also tells us what we will do now, what we did in the past, and what we will do in the future. Yet, we are so comfortable with our own voice and too busy to hear its voice that negative expressions escape constantly. Does what you say and how you say it count? U-betcha.

For those of you that are a student with the laws of attraction, also known as manifesting what you desire with the power of energy, this is another way you can use the law for your benefit. Let me expound on this in the simplest of ways.

What you say is how you are. There are usually many ways to say what you say. Many ways will not attract, others will. Let's journey together on this with an example. Let's use an expression we tend to use more mindfully and less expressively, "I could care less."

"I could care less," taken literally means "I care more than I might seem to." You are saying that you do care some and that isn't what you intended to mean which was not caring at all. The true way to state your feelings would be, "I couldn't care less." It may sound harsher yet it's the truth. It is important to be true to your words.

Being true in your language is a vital step to being in a place of truth in yourself and in the world. As a I child, my Dad drummed the expression into me, and probably you as well, "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all." Practicing the laws isn't about sugar coating your feelings or your language. It's about expressing them from your own truth. But what the saying tells us that even though we can acknowledge this as our truth we don't have to express that truth verbally.

Because we are so comfortable with our language that we have stopped hearing what we are saying 90% of the time. The only way to catch your language is to use this exercise.

Here is a practice that will help you begin your journey in how to uncover the truth to your language. It will also change your hearing process anytime you speak. After listening consciously to your words, then and only then, can you begin a strong path to attractiveness. Also, hearing and acknowledging what you said takes courage. Is it easy to listen to yourself? Heck no. To me, my voice sounds like chalk squeaking on a blackboard. Focus on the outcome to move past the squeal. The shift in attractiveness is well worth the practice.

Audio record your telephone conversations. Just your side of the conversation. There isn't any country or state laws that affect you since they are one sided like there are in recording two-way conversations or in-person conversations. And you don't have to ask the other person's permission.

Extra tip: This is also a great way to improve your marketing and telephone skills as well.

Listen to the recording. Listen for the incomplete sentences, unfinished thoughts, and vocal expressiveness or flatness. Did you really say what you meant? What wasn't said that you thought you said? What wasn't finished and you thought it was? What words were slung together that attracted the opposite of what you wanted?

Extra tip: Tape record your conversations with your children. We become so comfortable with those that we love our language sabotages our relationships frequently. Especially with teenagers.

Awareness and acknowledgment are the first two steps to changing anything. We can't do either without hearing it first. And you can't change what you don't acknowledge. Attractive language allows you to walk a different path through life. Take the leap, find just enough courage to practice this exercise, it may be painful at times, but it will rewrite your life and all those that touch it.

(c) Copyright, Catherine Franz. All rights reserved.

Catherine Franz is a Life and Business Coach and Master Practitioner in the Laws of Attraction. Catherine guides others in finding the light of their own existence and walking an attractive truth in their own lives. blog:

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