Daisies A Story About Life

"I love daisies too," she told him several nights after they first met. She wasn't sure why she blurted it out but it seemed the normal thing to say considering the conversation they were having. They were talking about "favorite things" the way you do when you are trying to get to know someone. Small talk that keeps the conversation flowing:

"My favorite color is green, 18 is my lucky number, and my favorite food is pizza." When she jokingly asked if he had a favorite flower he replied, "Nope, but my mom loves daisies." She brightened up immediately because daisies have long been one of her favorites and she was impressed that he knew what type of flower his mother liked the best.

They began to spend more and more time with each other until their relationship seemed like a night in August; hot and steamy. Before long wedding bells rang and the happy couple started their lives together as man and wife.

He loved to bring flowers home, usually roses but occasionally he would bring home mixed flowers or carnations. He never needed a holiday or special occasion, he did it because her expression never changed, she was always genuinely surprised by his thoughtfulness.

As with many marriages, it wasn't long before their home was filled with the cries of a baby; a baby boy named after his father. Many floral arrangements were sent to the happy mother to celebrate the birth of her child, including two dozen long stemmed roses with a card that read, "Thank you for our son, I will always love you!"

The baby grew up quickly and before his parents could believe it, he was celebrating his fifth birthday. On the day of his birthday, the father pulled his son aside before his party started to have a "father~son" talk with him. The mother noticed and just smiled because she thought her husband was reminding their son to behave and be a good boy at the party.

The party was fun for everyone that attended, young and old alike. After the presents were opened, the little boy turned to his mother and said, "Mommy, I have a present for you too."

He walked out of the room and returned almost instantly with a gigantic bouquet of daisy flowers. His mother couldn't believe her eyes and she wondered how her little boy could have possibly known that she loved daisies. It was then that she remembered the "father~son" talk earlier in the day.

She turned to her husband and asked, "How did you ever remember?" He smiled and replied, "Your favorite number is 18, you love the color green and pizza is your favorite food, right?" "Right, but you have given me flowers so many times and you have never, not once given me daisies," she continued, "I just thought you had forgotten after so many years."

He just smiled and said, "The moment you told me your favorite flower, I knew our son would give you daisies on his fifth birthday." She looked confused so he continued, " I gave my mother daisies for the first time on the day I turned five too!"

"The first time?" she asked. "Yup, my father pulled me aside on the day of my fifth birthday and I have given daisies to my mother every year since." Now his wife was genuinely shocked. "You have given your mother daisies every year since you have been five?"

"Yes, I do it because I love her and I am happy that she is my mother," he answered. With surprise in her voice she asked, "How come you never told me that you did such a thoughtful thing for your mom?" "Simple," he said, "I didn't want to ruin your surprise!"

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