Romantic Gifts ? 10 Sizzling Ways to Give Them

When it comes to giving a romantic gift, it's not just what you give, but how you give it. For the most impact, creativity is more important than price. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Flowers or any gift will work with this one. Leave a note on the door for your partner telling them to follow the path. Strew rose petals leading to the bedroom. Be lying on the bed, holding the gift when they arrive.
  • Jewelry - Surprise them with a gift when there is no occasion. Tantalize them by packing a note in their lunch saying you have something special for them when they get home. When they arrive, wear something provocative and hide the gift in your clothing. Ask them to find it.
  • Chocolates ? Call your partner into the bedroom. You should be lying on the bed with some of the chocolates strategically placed on your body.
  • Fragrances and Candles ? Both of these work great as an addition to another gift. Spray a small amount in the room before they come in or in the case of scented candles, have them burning around the room with the lights turned low or off.
  • For something different, try chocolate body paint. You can take turns painting each others body.
  • Personalized gifts - Surprise them with a nice dinner out, or one you've made that you know they love. Leave the gift wrapped, sitting on the table as you eat. Tease them with obscure hints throughout the meal. Be sure when you have the gift personalized that you add I Love You or With Love to the personalization.
  • Lingerie ?Ladies, buy some new lingerie. Be wearing it when he comes home from work. Believe me; he will see it as a gift.
  • Any gift ? Chill a bottle of champagne or sparkling wine. When your partner comes home, be sure the first thing they see is your gift sitting beside the ice bucket. Leave a note telling them to pour a couple of glasses and meet you in the bedroom.
  • Any gift ? Send your partner on a treasure hunt. Draw out a map, or leave clues to their gift. A 'spicy' way to do this would be to have the clues written in strategic spots on your body.
  • The free gift ? Print out love coupons. Fold them up and place them in something. You and you partner should take turns drawing them and doing what they say.
  • These are just a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing. There are unlimited possibilities and I urge you to explore them. Every relationship needs a little spice from time to time. A romantic gift, given creatively, may be just what you need.

    Patricia Fason is a writer and poet. She is listed as an ezine articles expert author, a buzzle author and has provided articles exclusively to websites and ezines. Contact her for information on exclusive articles or visit her website dedicated to romance - Sites O Web Romances You. There you will find romance tips, poetry, free greeting cards, love coupons, romantic gifts and more.

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