Travel to Find a Russian Bride

Do you agree that the best lessons are lessons given to you by other people who have already made some mistakes so that you wouldn't repeat them? We are going to have a detailed observation of a certain man's trip. When coming to Russia he managed to make a lot of mistakes and he can hardly calm down with the idea of getting wiser and more experienced. But you can avoid all this bad stuff! Just imagine you are playing the computer game called "Taking pleasure from you trip to Russia". Come on!

Let's start.

As you know any trip starts long before you take a plane. At first you have to plan everything very carefully and think of all the details, then get a visa and pack your things.

Our hero (let's call him Jake) started making mistakes from the very beginning. He has planned a two-week tour and booked an apartment through our agency and a transfer from the airport to this apartment. To make the invitation form he joined one of the firms he has found himself. Our Executive manager Slava used to ask him if he is sure in the firm several times. We have some grounds for worries because we often face the situations when we have to save our clients at the airport Customs Service because of problems with their visas.

=+=+=+= You must know this:

To make a trip to Russia you need:

  • the invitation to get a visa

  • the very visa

  • in Russia you must have registration.

Attention! Registration is not the procedure you are passing through at the Customs Service. They just mark the date of your arrival to the country. Registration is a special seal on your visa form that informs about the place of your staying in Russia. You have a right to stay in the country for 3 days only without this seal.


Our Executive manager had some doubts concerning the reliability of the firm that had made an invitation and promised to help with registration is case of problems.

=+=+=+= You must know this:

You can get your registration in the following ways:

  • if you organize your rip to Russia with the help of some firm it is obliged to obtain your registration. Those who make your invitation from must also obtain your registration.

  • if you stay at a hotel you should ask the hotel administration if it has the OVIR permission to make registration. IF it doesn't have one, it has no right to register you. In Kazan we have three hotels having this right. They are "Safar", "Regina" and "Volga".

  • if you stay at your woman's place she must obtain your registration in OVIR according to the place of her official registration.


So, you've got your visa. Now you have to think about the place you are going to stay at.

You have a choice: hotel, rented apartment or the place of your woman, if she cares to invite you.

Let's begin with the last one. To tell the truth, we do not advise our clients to invite men to live at their place. And it is not the matter of our bad hospitality!:) There are some reasons to it:

  • If there won't be any sympathy between you, it is most likely that the woman won't tell you about it, because of her hospitality. You will be the hostage of this situation! Never forget about it!

  • The foreigner is a "dorogoi" guest. If you do not know, here in Russia, the word "Dorogoi" has two meanings. "Dear" and "Expensive". So, a foreigner is a dear guest in both meanings!:) And it is really true, as he is very desired. Some women are preparing for the meeting thoroughly: they can repair their apartments and they can even make a plastic operation to the breast too! (Real case). Besides, Russians are very hospitable. They put the best food to the table when they have a guest. It is burdensomely if the guest come for a long time. Everything costs very expensive here in Russia. The average month salary in the province is 100 $. And the lady's family will never say you that they run into debt, in order to meet very important guest. They can not accept your money because of their pride feeling. Of course, there are some well -doing families too here in Russia. They live in opulence, but there is not so many of them.

  • Most women live together with their parents, as they do not have their own apartment. Do you agree to see the parents twenty-four-hours a day?

But when it is not the first time you are visiting your Lady, so you know the family and the traditions quite well and everything is fine, I think you are going feel wonderful near your future wife!:)


A lot of advantages. There are just three demerits.

  • There are just hotels *** here in our city.

  • But the prices are rather expensive - nearly 50$ per day (night).

  • The rules in our hotels are very strict. It is rather hard to have guests in the rooms and it is forbidden to leave them late than 11.00 p.m. It will limit the communication with the beloved one slightly, won't it?

    Rented flat.

    You can do whatever you want. But there are just two inconveniences. First one, you should think about the flat beforehand. You can ask your lady to help you or we can help you too. And, the second, - nobody will clean after you and nobody will cook your breakfast! If you can do it yourself - great! You can enjoy the time together with your beloved woman even twenty-four-hour a day!

    =+=+=+=A useful piece of advice

    Your girl can help you with renting an apartment (to find it). You have to ask her beforehand and send her the necessary sum of money. It is impossible to rent an apartment in credit!

    If you don't wish to make your girl do it we could help you with finding an appropriate apartment.

    Anyway, before your flight you should think about he stuff you won't be able to do without. Find out if there are such things in your future apartment as:

    • consumer tools like an iron, a dryer and a toaster

    • a needed number of beds and proper bed-linen (take into account the frequency of its changing)

    • a number of rooms, hot water (the latter can be a real problem in Russia!)

    • try to imagine the whole day you are going to spend in this apartment and some more things you can need. Write it down and send them to your girl beforehand.


    By the way, packing things remember that Russian weather is very changing. You should take something for colder or visa versa hot weather or rains.

    Before your flight you must know exactly the person who is going to meet you and the time of your meeting.

    The airport of Kazan is situated 50 km away from the city, so your meeting is an entire traveling! You can use our services, in order to make it easier for your woman.

    We will make the reservation for you in the hotel or we can rent a flat (by request), we will meet you in the airport and we will take your woman there too. We will help you with the translation, as a rule, it is necessary at first time even for those women who can speak English a little bit. After that we will give you a ride to your place.


    Attention! If you agreed to be met in Kazan, but your flight was put off or you failed to buy a ticket, please, do not forget to inform those who are going to meet you. Otherwise they will have to spend a lot of money, time, and nerves, as they will be upset and worried. There is an international telephone in every airport. When you leave your country, make sure you have all the telephone numbers, which can help you here.


    What should you do if you failed to meet in Kazan, as it had been arranged?

  • If you have an opportunity to call, please do it. Probably you will hear that someone has already been sent to meet you, so you just have to wait for a while.

  • If the time of your flight has been changed, probably that's why it muddled those who were meeting you. You can ask the information office if there is some message for you there or you can look for it on the information shield. If you agreed to be met in the airport by the agency, we usually leave some messages on the information shield in case of loosing you.

  • If you failed to spot us on the phone and a lot of time have passed since you arrived to the airport try to get to the hotel yourself. It is easier to solve the problems in the morning!

    Let's return to our hero Jake.

    So, he has booked the apartment for this time. His girl lived in another town so he asked us to take her here, meet him in the airport and take them both to the apartment.

    Here problems started:

    • Instead of a huge bed covering half a room there appeared to be a small camp-sofa for two persons (it's natural for a small lonely hat is not bigger than an average hotel room).

    • There was bad veiw from the window.

    • Another problem: no mosquito net. (I guess even hotels do not have it. However, we left a special tool for killing mosquitoes just to be safe).

    Find it funny? It is, but not for Jake. His visit to Russia wasn't a success for him.

    He made several mistakes:

    • he didn't have any notion about the place he is going to visit and what he can need there

    • he took into account all the advantages of a hotel and an apartment and happily combined them but ignored disadvantages.

    Jake got so upset that he even didn't turn to the firm that had made his invitation and stayed without registration for three days. After that he left for his girl's town. And again he faced problems there?

    Next week Jake and you are going to read the following:

    • Travelling within the country without problems.

    • A present for your girl.

    • Your activities in Russia.

    • Correct evaluation of your girl's pros and cons. Special attention.

    About The Author

    I married woman I worked in dating business for 8 years and write articles for russian dating site call ChanceForLove -

    [email protected]

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