Does a Woman Want a Strong Christian Man?

Most women say they want a strong religious man who believes in God, attends church and goes to bible study every week. Is this true? The answer is No if the man is a religious freak who consumes every waking hour brooding over the bible; engages only with non-secular friends; excessively attends religious events; and constantly scrutinizes non-Christian behavior, especially their partner. Typically, these types of guys do not provide the type of excitement needed to keep a woman turned on.

There is only one thing that will keep a women perpetually turned on. It's not how well you can recite scriptures. It's not how many times you get on your knees and pray. It's called AP (Applied Pressure). Above all else, AP will be the most important element in sustaining your relationship. AP will cause a devout Catholic girl to skip Sunday Mass to be in your angelic presence. AP is doing anything that causes pressure in a relationship; pressure meaning having a back bone and saying No once in awhile; rejecting her when she makes advances towards you or wants to have sexual relations with you. Be creative ? there are many ways you can use AP on a female.

The key is deliberately causing pressure without her recognizing what you are doing. Once the pressure builds up, a woman will lose all control and become obsessed with getting you to acquiesce to her. Most women won't endorse what I'm saying but inside they are dying for a guy with AP. Trust me, I have plenty of female friends who are bored stiff with guys who have no AP and are bidding there time until they can find a man with AP.

I've dated many church-going woman who babble on and on about wanting a strong Christian man but what baffles me is I'm far from it and they're dating me. When I would attend their churches, there were no shortage of guys but what dawned on me is that most of these guys were religious freaks that had no AP. Most religious freaks, especially young guys are trying to cover up something anyways but that's another article. The point is, if a woman is given a choice between a Strong Christian Guy with no AP and a non-church going guy with AP, they will choose the latter.

As a general rule, women want someone who believes in God, attends church every now and then, but not someone who practices the word of God in the fullest sense. If your going to practice anything in the fullest sense, it should be the principle of AP. Now, have faith in that?.

David Lorenzo is a Relationship Coach. He is the only Relationship Coach that will give the real deal on how to create successful relationships. He has thourougly studied the mating game and has an uncanny ability to get lackluster relationships back on track. For Free Phone Coaching call David Lorenzo at(614)327-2467 or E-Mail him with your problems: [email protected] Hours: 24/7

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