Are You Living An Illusion Romance Like Lisa Snowdon and George Clooney?

My Dear Lover,

Today I am sad, I don't have good news for you.

The actor actor George Clooney, living based in Los Angeles, and the model and television presenter Lisa Snowdon, living in England, start their long distance relationship in 2000 and dated on and off for a year because their long distance relationship was not working. They restart their relation in May, but now they have split 2 weeks ago after realize that their their Trans-Atlantic relationship had nowhere to go.

A Hollywood source said: "It's always difficult to maintain a long distance relationship. But they have remained great friends and there is no animosity between them."

Lisa didn't want move to LA. She said: "I would miss Britain too much." And it seems that Clonney was happy with the arrangement, he said, "I don't believe that every man has a moral obligation to settle down and have a family. "I've been too busy to give enough of my personal time to take care of a woman, raise children and be a decent father."

But and the end it seems that Lisa and Clonney were living an illusion.

And you are you living an illusion like Lisa and Clonney? I really do believe that long distance relationships can work, but you have to know very well what you want, and also what the other want's.

One of you will have to make the decision to leave your "old" life, your habits, probably even your country, if you want to be together. It is not easy to change lives so drastically, both of you have to know very well, what each of you want, and what the other wants.

Don't think that because you are feeling that the other is giving the feeling that both of you want the same, that in fact that is correct. You have to ask, and don't be afraid of the answer. It is your life and most of the time it's better to know the true, the facts, even if they aren't what you want, than living in an illusion.

That is why I strong recommend the book " 1000 Questions for Couples " You can find it at And don't be afraid to ask what you really need to ask. It is your life, your future.

Don´t measure the distance, measure the love, Maria Madeira.

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