Give The Wrong Words An Inch And They May Take A Mile!

What do you do when circumstances seem out of control? What's the first thing you look for? Or Whom? What immediately runs through your mind? Do you yell? Do you curse? Do you go bow up your back like a porcupine getting ready for all out war?

By Word Of Mouth!

There is something that every one of us has been taught to do since we were born and yet so few people know how to control it. We have been taught how to talk, but still don't know how to control our mouth.

Getting control of your mouth is no harder than learning how to ride a bicycle; you just need to learn how. Sadly though, most people just let the words fly as their circumstances get hotter than a nanny goat in a pepper patch.

I can hear someone now: "what's my words got to do with my circumstances?" Everything! Remember when you were trying to learn how to ride that bicycle? Who was it that had the power to ride it or crash it? You! Controlling your tongue is no different.

Your mouth has more to do with the success or failure in your life than you may realize. No one else can do your talking for you, no one else can determine whether you crash or ride.

Caught Red-handed!

Let me give you some Vegas-ology, and I really believe this. Most people go through their lives, day by day, just hoping nothing bad will happen to them that day. And, if it does, maybe it won't be so bad that I can't handle it, at least without much stress.

Then when something squirrelly happens, they go ballistic. Then they start saying, "why me God," "what did I do?" Then they start praying, then they start crying, and then they get real humble.

Well, guess what? Remember earlier when I said we spend all our lives learning how to talk and never learn how to control the thing we talk with? That's where the problem lies. We spend years and years responding the same way to calamity, which just fills us with fear, worry, doubt and unbelief.

And, when an abundance of fear and worry root its way down into our spirits it overflows out of our mouth. Just like falling off a log.

Hear Me Now, Believe Me Later!

Now, when those words fly out of our mouth, our brain hears it; our emotions soak them up like a sponge; we start feeling like a our whole life is a square peg in a round hole, and, then the worst possible thing happens; we start acting on the words of fear.

When we start acting on words of fear, we start a cycle of worry and depression. And, the cycle keeps repeating itself. A few moments of remorse, during our heartbreak, will just not reverse years and years of using an uncontrolled tongue.

Why do these things happen? Because of spiritual laws! We determine what happens to us by putting spiritual laws into motion through the words that we speak out of our mouths. If this makes your feathers ruffle, don't get mad at me, I didn't design the system. I wish I had.

To go a step further in understanding how our mouths determine the direction of our lives, we need to understand how these spiritual laws work. To simplify this we can say there are two spiritual forces that we have to contend with.

Live And Learn!

Let's call these laws the law of success and the law of defeat. Another way to put it is; the law of life and the law of death. These spiritual laws do not work by happenstance. They don't work one way one time and another way another time.

You can't say something positive one time and have those same words mean something negative next time. That's craziness and the system doesn't work that way. By the same token, you can't talk words of fear, failure, defeat, sickness, poverty, and death, and expect the opposite of those things to happen to you.

Everyday we are putting these two laws to work in our lives either knowingly or ignorantly. But, either way they are at work to bring about the results or circumstances that correspond to the words we speak.

You may be wondering; if all this is true, why do I then always end up shooting myself in the foot? Why don't I say the things that will bring me success and deliverance? Why does the wrong junk always fly out of my mouth?

Glad You Asked!

Programming! You need to be de-bugged. Be nice to me now. We end up exercising the law that has been programmed into us, over the years of our life, through our five physical senses.

In other words, whatever is in your heart in abundance will come out your mouth in waves. Now, whatever is in your heart, did not just hop in there and take up residence. You installed it in there through years and years of talking and saying the wrong stuff.

Now if you've been saying the right stuff, congratulations. I'm sure the law of success is following you. But, if you feel that everything in your life is as ugly as a mud fence then I've got some good news.

You can turn it around starting today. And, I don't care if you are a hundred and fifteen years old, you can make dramatic changes in the next thirty days.

More Powerful Than A Locomotive!

It was the words of your mouth that installed the fear in your heart and the words of your mouth can install faith in there to take its place. When you place the laws of success in your mouth, then good circumstances will follow.

What many people don't understand or forget is that unless you continue to exercise the law of success everyday, you will fall back into the law of defeat by default. It's just waiting there for a good opportunity to clean your clock.

Why? Because we live in a physical world that is dictated by our physical senses. If we want our physical world to begin favoring us with the good things that are available, then we need to make adjustments in our physical senses to work in harmony with the laws of success and life.

The physical world has no favorites. It will give up, although not easily, all its resources to anyone with the right formula. Just like H20 makes water, put the right formula to work and you can expect some good things to happen.

Make No Bones About It!

Put the wrong formula to work and you will just go through life everyday hoping nothing bad happens that day. You'll be a victim instead of a victor.

These two laws affect everybody, no one is exempt. They work by the same set of rules, which are the words we speak. They each have their own agenda to bring to pass. Start today and decide to live by the law of success and life, you'll be glad you did.

Richard Vegas ©

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