What Does a Dangerous Man Look Like?

When you are dating you try to keep from a dangerous man. What do they look like? Why is when you are dating people that some guys just manage to slip through the cracks before revealing their true colors? What are they looking for in a woman? What can you do to protect yourself from a dangerous man?

One of the first things to realize is that dangerous men, look just like regular men. They do not wear black like he villains in movies. Chances are you can not pick him out in casual contact in the street. Keep in mind that Ted Bundy, one of our century's most notorious serial killers was an attractive man. They blend in with the rest of society, but under the surface they are dangerous men.

What makes a man so dangerous? These men will stop at nothing to get from you what they need. They will lie, cheat, steal, demean, and abuse you. You cannot reform these men, nor make them into what you want. You are not a person to them, you are an object, and object that may satisfy their desires, not yours. They will forage a relationship simply to get what they need.

Some of these men are ego centric only needing your input on how they look, what wonderful things you think about them, and how you may worship them. These men will toss you aside, because the adoration that you give to them will never be enough. They do this through being cunning, clever, and offering you what they think you want in a man. Some of these men need attention in ways their mothers should have fawned over them as children. Others, need for you to take care of them, this can be physically, emotionally, and yes, even financially. Look at these relationships with outside eyes, if your girlfriend was telling you about one of these men, what would you think?

Protect yourself, by moving slowly in relationships. While these men are dangerous, they are cunning. They can put on a show that will fool most, into believing what wonderful people they are. Watch how they treat others, is it how you want to be treated? Do they have family members they are close or do they have any friends? Watch out for men that are loaners, often they are loaners through their own personal choices. Verify facts where you can, look for inconsistencies.

You have to protect yourself from dangerous men. They look, and smell just like regular ones. You must watch out for the manipulative men, and protect yourself closely. Watch for what they say, and what they do. Look to see if they have a normal social life, and look to see if they were always the victim. Give these men the high road before you become seriously involved with them, so you they do in infiltrate them into your life. Dangerous men can be difficult to remove when they realize you will feed their needs. Keep your eyes open, and watch for unhealthy behaviors, and when you do see them, think about them carefully, before continuing a relationship.

Stephanie Manley is the editor for http://www.copykat.com. She also writes a variety of articles about her personal experiences in the areas of relationships and romance, you can read more of her writtings at http://romancelessons.blogspot.com

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