Bigger Fish To Fry

Last month I was on another adventure, fishing Dog Lake in Northern Ontario. That trip really brought home to me the power of the Law of Attraction.

I have been reading about and practicing the Law of Attraction for several years now. It started with Lynn Grabhorn's book, Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting. Recently I took a teleclass with Michael Losier, a Law of Attraction coach and author.

Here's Michael Losier's formula for deliberate attraction.

  • Identify your desire

  • Raise your mood, feeling and vibration

  • Allow it to come to you (remove doubt)

    Michael says "The speed at which the Law of Attraction manifests your desires is in direct proportion to how much you are allowing. And allowing is the absence of doubt."

    One way that helps me allow is to notice and honor the evidence. There is evidence all around us that what we are desiring and feeling good about is on its way to us.

    The size of our desire and the enthusiasm we feel for it is in direct proportion to what we get back or attract into our life. Feel bad, neutral or lethargic about anything you are engaged in and you'll get back no rewards (if you are lucky) or maybe even problems. You may even get hurt. Feel good about playing small and you'll get back small rewards. Feel great about playing big and you'll get big rewards.

    On my fishing trip last month, I discovered the cabin of my desires (as Michael calls it), my dreams, my meditations, my prayers. Call it whatever you like, it does not matter. You see, daily I had been raising my vibration and feeling great about spending three or four months at my fishing camp in Northern Ontario. FYI: I don't own a fishing camp in Northern Ontario---Yet! Never mind, that's just a detail. I've actually been able to picture some of the features of this camp. In September, when I pulled the boat up to the dock of the cabin I rented, I got a strong sense of deja vu. Not one feature that I had been able to see in my dream was missing!

    Now I could focus on the problems of all this. I could focus on what's missing.

    This camp is not mine. It isn't even for sale. Is that a problem? No, not really. I'm merely focusing on the evidence that my dream is heading my way.

    With my new clarity, there are a ton of possibilities:

  • This cabin will come up for sale at the exact time I am ready.

  • An identical cabin, one that is for sale, will present itself.

  • I'll discover the property that is identical to the island this cabin sits on and I'll build a cabin just like it.

  • I'll just start renting this cabin for the entire summer.

    Who knows what else? There is a multitude of other possibilities that I can't even think of yet. Some of them probably bigger than my little list here. So it's not my job to figure them out. My only job is to stay open and allow.

    Notice I've mentioned nothing about affording this camp even if it was for sale. Money is a goal and goals are hard work. It's not money that will make us feel good. It is what we can do with the money that excites us. Excitement is where we need to stay. So just like finding the cabin, money is a detail. We've all got bigger fish to fry!

    About The Author

    Deb Martin is a Transition Coach, coaching individuals to simplify life and business transitions by seeing their brilliance and honing that brilliance. Subscribe to my free e-newsletter, PORTAGE, for insights designed to help you feel and act differently in order to attract what you want, naturally. Please visit my web site at: to subscribe.

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