Very Old Secret To Melt The Heart Of Your Beloved

My Dear Lover,

Communication is one of the key ingredients for the success of a Long Distance Relationship.

You can communicate by messenger, by phone, by email, by web cams,by snail mail, etc. All of this means of communication are important, but if you want to melt your beloved heart, the best is through love letters.

Several researches arrive to the conclusion, that couples that write love letters have almost twice of the change of staying together compared with the couples that never write love letters.

Of course love letters don't even come close to having your beloved near to you, but they are magic, they are much more powerful than the phone in a Long Distance Relationship, because when you write a love letter, you express your most inner feelings with words from your heart, and that will simply melt the heart of your beloved.

Love letters will take you to a very close level of intimacy.

What could be more romantic than receiving a love letter? Do you remember the first love letter you ever received? You never did receive a love letter?! My God you don't know what you are missing!

A love letter is an amazing thing, just imagine what is the feeling of receiving a romantic love letter from the one that loves you, with words that express caring and passion, words of affection, words that express love so deeply tender. Oh it's so magic.

You can send your love letters by email, but my advice to you, is that once in a while, send handwritten love letters. It is much more romantic and will leave a much more last feeling on your beloved, than if it was written by computer. And love letters are legacies.

Send them in special stationary, use a special pen with good quality ink and put some of your favorite perfume in the paper and envelope.

Express your romance and passion with words that come from your heart, be loving, express how much you love your beloved, and that you always will, express your gratitude for being loved so much.

And if you need more help to express your feelings express the reason you fall in love with your beloved; express your most romantic moments together and thank for each single detail; express how your life changed since meeting your beloved; express what you most admire in your beloved; express the most romantic thing your beloved did for you.

So now that you know the "Very Old Secret To Melt The Heart Of Your Beloved" what are you waiting for? Send a love letter now, and don't forget to say, "I LOVE YOU".

Get even more help at veletters/index.html

Don't measure the distance, measure the Love, Maria Madeira.

P.S.: Being in a long distance relationship since 2003, Maria Madeira share her advices, her experiences, her help, teaching how to survive a long distance love.

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