Being Romantic for a Change

Honestly, I do not know anyone who is romantic nowadays other than me and a few people I have met online. Is romance fading from our lives? And why is it always looked at as a silly trivial thing? Are not dreamy romantic people considered losers by some?

For me, romance is simply life. I have a romantic outlook and attitude. I do not have to be in love with someone to be romantic. However, I am in love with life and with "love" itself. I am in love with my dreams.

Romance gives that special aroma and color to life. Daydreaming is romantic. Sitting in your garden is romantic. Listening to music and writing is romantic.

You may be romantic and not even know it!

To me the "little" things in life are romantic.

Why not take time everyday for a short walk, even if only around your house, thinking of nothing but your dreams?

Why not take the time to smell the roses on your way home, appreciate nature or listen to the rain?

Yes, I know. You have NO time. And who does those things anyway?

If you do not do such things now, then when? If you do not enjoy as much time as you can with your loved ones, when will you be able to do it? When you are sixty?

By then, THEY will have no time for you.

Try doing more "little" things every single day whether to yourself or those you care about.

Listen more to the people who matter to you. Talk to them more often. If you can not call them for any reason, email them. Just do not lose touch with them.

Admire the world around you. I know the world is such a cruel place now. Yet, there is still some beauty left.

Smile and hug your sweetheart more often. For NO reason.

Remember you work for the people you love. Money can never take your place. Do not overwork. Take time to be with your family and to have more time for yourself.

Start doing the things you love. Believe me, you will feel a lot happier.

Appreciate life so it can appreciate you.

Be romantic!

Marwa Ayad is a young Egyptian pharmacist and an aspiring writer/freelance writer. A few poems of hers have been published online and in poetry anthologies. A serial story of hers was also published online. A few coming projects of her are still in the making.

To learn more about her, visit

To visit Marwa's blog, visit

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