Why Its Important to Stay in Contact with Your Friends when Youre in a Relationship

So often when we begin to enter into a new relationship, it is very easy to get swept up by the romance, and leave behind our friends. With the wonderful bliss that you feel when you enter into a relationship it's easy to understand why we forget our friends and our everyday relationships. Is this the best way to handle a new relationship? Most likely not, sometimes in the tidal wave rush of new love we get swept away, and can forget the ties, and our desires that make us the special people we are.

Have you ever noticed that in some new relationships that you get simply swept off your feet and right into a new lifestyle? It is so easy to get totally swept into different social circles, or perhaps you begin to modify your own social circle to better please your new partner. While this is an exciting time, it's great to have close friends who can keep an eye on you, and make sure you are doing well. Sometimes we begin to modify our personality to better please our new partner. We may take on different likes and dislikes, which may be so different than what we enjoyed before.

It is important to maintain your own identity in a new relationship, because while you may be part of a couple, you want the ability to stand on your own two feet. For example if you really enjoy painting you shouldn't have to give that up to be in a new relationship if your new partner doesn't enjoy painting. Your strong likes and dislikes should be able to come into play in a new relationship. You shouldn't have to stifle you favorite interests. Your friends can help you keep a checks and balances going, so you know you're engaging into a healthy relationship.

In addition that your friends have been your basic support system before your new relationship, you are also their support system. While it can be understandable you want to spend time with your new special person, your friends were there for you before your special person was in your life. There can be hurt feelings on their side by your sudden disappearance. So keep their feelings in mind when you meet your new special person. So you do not loose their friendships.

Good quality friendships provide support, fellowship, and feedback. All of those are wonderful tools when you enter new relationships simply because they can be rulers for how well a relationship is going. When you lose yourself into a new relationship you aren't always benefiting yourself. Often when the newness of a relationship wears off and when you want to reconnect with your old friends, you want to make sure you haven't alienated them, and that they are still there with their support, fellowship, and feedback.

Stephanie Manley is the editor for http://www.copykat.com. She also writes articles about relationships at http://romancelessons.blogspot.com

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