Why He May Be Cheating On You

Why He May Be Cheating On You

There could be all sorts of reasons known only to your man, but there are also those reasons in which women may contribute to, such as: You Let Yourself Go, You Lost Yourself In Him, or You Have No Ambition along with many others. Sometimes women live for their men. They spend all their waking time taking care of them, and at the end of the day, they still haven't accomplished anything for themselves.

You are thinking all alone that this is what he wants in a woman, when all along, he wants the complete opposite. Women get caught up too often trying to be the woman that they think their men want. He wants you to be you. After all, the woman you were when you two met, is who he wants you to be. Never pretend to be something you're not, because you'll have to keep up this charade for the remainder of the relationship. That's hard to keep up. You start to get relaxed and too comfortable in the relationship and that's when the "real you" starts to gradually come out. Be yourself in the beginning and eliminate the future problems of him going out and maybe cheating on you because you've changed.

Women also essentially end up resenting their men, because they have put their goals and dreams aside. The women make their choices, but somewhere in between, they become unhappy with the choices they have made. They start acting depressed, miserable, and sad all the time, because they are not happy. This is when he starts to get tired of looking at you miserable everyday. He starts seeing a woman who makes him laugh again, who he starts to have fun with and where does this leave you? Still at home miserable thinking that he is feeling sorry for you. He is. He is feeling sorry that he has to tell you that it's over.

So, in the initial beginning of the relationship, both parties need to be in agreement of what they want and expect from each other.

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