Why Some Men Dont Want To Commit

If you are dating, engaged, or still trying to find Mr. Right, then this week's message is for you - Why some men do not want to commit or find it very difficult to commit to women they supposedly love. This topic is quite puzzling to most single women. You feel that a man who professes to love you ought to commit to you with ease. Here are some of the reasons why some men behave this way:

"Why commit when I am getting the goods free of charge?" ? A lot of men, if given the opportunity, will sow their wild oats until hell freezes over. These men are like kids in a candy store ? they just don't know how to choose when there are so many varieties to choose from. It is more exciting for them to keep you as one of their concubines, rather than get tied down and lose out on the opportunity to sample the delicious lovelies out there.

"What if I commit too soon and miss out on the most beautiful woman I have ever met?" This is the kind of internal talk that goes on in the head of the guy that is finding it difficult to commit. You may be the nicest person they have ever met, but something tells them that there may be someone else out there who is more beautiful, sexier, freakier, and just plain nicer.

Past hurtful experience that makes it difficult to commit - Some men want to commit to women, but find it very difficult to do so as a result of being dumped, cheated on, or simply being disappointed by someone they loved with all their heart. The hurtful experience could also be from childhood, such as having parents that divorced .

This sometimes makes a men feel that it is useless to commit to any woman, when there is the possibility that the relationship could break up. The relationship that once was his rock and foundation ? his parent's ? disintegrated. This type of man is usually a good man, but as a result of the bad relationship experience, has become gun shy. With some patience, love and the passage of time, this kind of man usually overcomes his commitment phobia.

Fear of taking on responsibility ? With commitment comes responsibility, and there are some men who just hate to take on the kinds of responsibility that come with marriage and childbirth. They find it much easier to remain single.

Your inability to satisfy him in bed ? This is an often-neglected reason why a man may not want to commit to a woman. Men have this fear that if they are not sexually satisfied now, when they have not committed to you, it may get even worse when you get very comfortable after they commit. There is a way to boost your abilities in this area without having to hang off chandeliers. Michael Webb's exciting, "500 Love Making Tips & Secrets" can take your lovemaking to a whole new level.

Just because your man is afraid of committing does not mean that he cannot commit to you. There is always a way to get the results you want. You can make yourself so irresistibly attractive to him that all his inhibitions will just simply melt away.

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