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9 Reasons You May Not be Getting the Love you Deserve

Are you getting the love you deserve? Are you being appreciated, romanced, hugged, kissed, and respected? Is your romance dying slowly? Has it lost its sizzle, spark, glitter, excitement, energy, passion, and spontaneity?

If your love life is on its last breath and barely hanging by a thread, you may be the one causing it. You read it right. I said, you just might be the one. You may think you are doing all the right things to gain your beau's love and adoration. The truth is, a lot of women think that if they just do the bare minimum- make love to their man, cook, clean, spend time with him, then their man ought to be excited about them. Nothing is further from the truth. You can do all these things and still fall short of what you must do to unlock the passionate love in your man's heart. Here are some reasons you may not be getting the love you deserve ?

·You have taken your man for granted.

You now feel that you have him locked up and he is not going anywhere. As a result, you have stopped showing him that he is the center of your universe. You no longer do those little things you once did, like, baking him his favorite cake or making his favorite dessert when the occasion is not special. Or sending him a card in the mail that says how much he means to you. You have stopped going out of your way to make him feel special and needed.

·Lovemaking has become a chore for you ? an obligation.

Your sex drive has virtually evaporated. There is no sign that you are remotely interested in initiating lovemaking. In fact, when he makes sexual advances, you reject him so many times he has completely lost count and interest. And when you do get around to letting him make love to you, you are just not there mentally ? you go through the motions and can't wait for it to be over.

·You are no longer spontaneous

You have lost your ability to just pick up and go. Having fun has become something you have to schedule. Your schedule has tied you down so much that it has taken control of you and your love life. You have to get permission from your day planner in order to enjoy your life - to live life to the fullest.

·You have become too serious ? your sense of humor is gone

Your sense of humor has vanished with the passage of time. As life puts its wrinkle on you each day, you see no reason to laugh at yourself and the funny things that happen around you. Most of all, you no longer see the humor in the jokes your mate tells. You have stopped laughing with him.

·You do not take pride in looking your very best

Are you lost in sweat pants 24/7? Has your closet become a museum of designer clothes from way back? What about your body, hair, nails, face, etc.? Have you stopped caring about your weight? Has your refrigerator become the keeper of your silent comforter, your new best friend ? food? The truth is, if you have stopped doing those things that attracted your guy in the first place, chances are you have contributed to his fading attraction to you.

·You talk to him any way you wish

Honey, sweetie, and all the endearing names you once called him have all but disappeared from your lips. Now you specialize in criticizing him, putting him down, and busting his ego every chance you get. You want to be right in everything. Your language is now peppered with obscenities. The words that come out of your mouth no longer soothe his soul. Instead, they have become abrasive like sandpaper.

·You have lost interest in the things he loves

When was the last time you enjoyed his favorite pastime with him? Have you participated in something he loves to do, even when it may not necessarily be something that excites you? When was the last time you did something with him, just because you knew it would make him happy if you were part of it?

·He has found someone who appreciates him more

When you look at all the points stated above, you can see that it will be very easy for your man to start looking for understanding and appreciation outside your relationship. If someone else is telling him how great he is, how funny he is, how much of a delight he is to be with, then you can bet that person could end up taking your man away from you. And by not showing your man that you really cherish and adore him, you can make it easier for him to cheat on you.

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