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Are You Ready to Handle an Indigo Child?

So what's new in the world of spirituality and the new age these days? What's the new talk we keep hearing all about? The talk about the indigo Children is gearing more and more. There are now so many workshops, lectures, books and websites dedicated to discussing this subject. You name it, we've got it!

Many of us appreciate having all this new information, I am sure. After all, we are very blessed to have these children around us in our times. I believe we all have the responsibility to help them with their growth. Of course, that is the better option as oppose to leaving them wandering around in the world, confused about life being dependant upon us older people who portray ourselves as being mature, responsible and 'grown up', yet most of us are still handling the same problems we have for most of our lives!

So what is my point from all of that and what are we doing with these Indigo Children after we become aware of them being in our surrounding? From my own experience and as far as I can see from what has been going on around myself so far, not many of us are doing that much to REALLY help these children at all! What we think is best for them and what they actually need to enhance their growth in life are not always one and the same thing! That is my point, plain and simple!

Many of us might encounter some of these children or perhaps someone as a medium or a psychic or someone you know might tell you, you are an Indigo Child. That person might then allow that information to go straight to their head and what happens next? More confusion is likely to occur in that person's life in the end. Are we really teaching these children to become a better example for the rest of us existing here on this planet? Perhaps we are, but to what extent are we ready to accept them as being a major influence upon the direction which our lives and future will take? You tell me!

We are having a new breed of souls incarnating into life here on this earth plane. A new generation of special and gifted souls is coming here to help and assist us in our time of confusion and lack of understanding about our purpose for being here in the first place! It will be their task to awaken us to face the reality of the problems here on earth. So what happens if you find yourself in the surrounding of one of these gifted souls? You probably do not have the faintest idea of how to handle them first of all! You might even be afraid of them, but why? You may feel threatened by them too, especially since being around them is likely to make you feel old when you realize from their example that you never really had the guts to handle your own life properly after all! Then what happens?

Many of us might try to put those children down and try to negate their work. We might tell them "what do you know? You are so young and cannot possibly be experienced and aware of life!" They will appear to be only children with no life experience. If you are one who is likely to ask this question then consider your thoughts again please! We label them as 'Indigo Children' and the reason is because, in reality they are Enlightened Masters. So, if they are Masters, then that means from their soul level of awareness, they are more than capable of teaching us all a thing or two when it comes to life and the purpose of our life experiences. Masters have more than enough knowledge and wisdom to be to distinguish the difference between merely living and existing in life and really understanding and handling our life experiences. These are after all two different things. Don't you agree? If we are stuck when it comes to handling our life experiences, it is simply because we do not want to handle our life experiences, either consciously or unconsciously.

We all seem to cut ourselves off from allowing the joy come into our hearts, just as it should if we are surrounded by any children, Indigo Children or Master Souls who are here on this plane at this point of time. They are here to help save this race from all the non-sense that we have built the foundation of our lives upon for such a long time. Such beliefs that are getting us nowhere in reality!

Another important thing we should also consider is this. We can actually learn a thing or two about ourselves from any child these days, whether they are 'Indigo' or not! Why? Because they will always see us for our face value instead of the typical pretentious, 'make believe' way we tend to create when we project ourselves to others, meaning that most of the time in life we pretend to be someone we are not. This is another reality which is not working for us in life and it is time to accept it. We ignore children just because they are young, but they are flowing with love, compassion, innocence and truth. We should listen to them more. Really listen to them and you will be surprised.

These days we have also begun to create new careers and give ourselves titles such as 'Indigo Children Consultants'. Such consultants are most likely to focus on the parents of an Indigo Child by helping them to learn how to handle the child. However, the responsibility towards the child is not for the parents alone. Everyone should be educated about those children and how to handle them. What do you think will happen to an Indigo Child outside the protection of their home and parents? They will be venturing into the lions dens if they go out alone and unprepared for what they will face in the influence of society today! Does an Indigo Child Consultant really know how to handle those special children? I often wonder! And if so, how and what makes them qualified to do so? I also wonder if they can still handle that child when he or she is sensitive enough to detect and deliver the consultants own fear and weakness when it comes to life. How would they react in that circumstance?

So what is an Indigo Child then? Where are they? How can we identify them? First of all, an indigo child is still a human being. As I mentioned before, an indigo child is from the new wave of elevated Master Souls who have decided to incarnate into this plane to help save humanity from destroying itself in the rate we are pushing it these days. Those souls are distributed every where throughout the world and each one of them will have an individual task to fulfill in order to bring the necessary changes in their surroundings, country or in the world.

There are some other very highly elevated souls in our own generation at this time. We should be able to identify them easily when we are in contact or in the surrounding of one of those balanced and open Master Souls. From their charisma, magnetic charm (if you like to put it that way!) and in the way they talk directly and with conviction, you should know. It is a feeling of something you can detect so deeply likely goes back to the levels of both Souls. One of places where I personally can identify with someone's soul is from the look in their eyes. They will often have a deep and direct gaze. It is not always easy to explain sometimes. It seems to be in the way their eyes speak to you from a deeper level. That is my guideline. However, you might experience something quite different for yourself. There is no right or wrong here! Also I can determine that sometimes from their numerological numbers and most of all, by my intuition.

Indigo Children are typically very smart and very clever people. You will see it in the way they look at you and analyze you in order to detect your limitations and our weaknesses as society. This is one of their healing gifts so do not be upset about it! They have a glow around them that you will be attracted to, without even knowing why? You can trust them and open up easily to them. Many of those children will have lots of problems to deal with in their lives, experiencing these problems will help them to help others when they are ready later in their lives. Are you aware of that? Probably not!

Those children have long and challenging missions here, yet it is possible that many of them will not succeed in their mission due to the influence of many narrow minded people who exist in our world today. Most of us here are bound by limitation and fear of changing their lives. That will not help the children in the slightest! We must change the way we deal with those children if we are to benefit from their presence here.

Another thing I have realized is this. Some people who are dealing with Indigo Children claim to be so happy to be around them, yet when it becomes the time for that child to advise the grown up on something that is a problem their life, their ego starts flying and their pride hits the roof! It is like they are saying "What is this? A child is trying to advise me of what to do in my life? How can they know about life when they are so young and inexperienced?" Well that is the irony of it all! It is one big contradiction in my eyes!

So what happens to that relationship with the child next? The adult might turn against the child out of fear of their position being threatened. They might try to suppress them by putting them down as much as possible. Does it sound familiar to any of you? Perhaps yes and perhaps no. It might even sound absurd! But situations like this are common when adults handle children. Even if you are not aware of this or not, just try to take responsibility for your own actions if you are in the company of any child. It is a fact for everyone that when the time comes for us to realize we are finding it hard to deal with anything in our lives, we will revolt against anyone else, whether it is a child or an adult, who is able to pin point the problem and for telling us what we do not like to hear. That is one of the saddest stories in our humanity.

In the end these children are here to help us to move forward in our lives. They are here to bring forth a new understanding of life, a new awareness of ourselves and of our evolution as souls. They are here to help stop us from destroying ourselves out of ego, pride and our need for power in order to make a difference in the way the world and life on this planet is driving. The last thing they need is to have to deal with a negative attitude from the rest of us, just because we are threatened by their presence! That would be a shame!

If you are having a hard time dealing with your own life and experiences then you should try to take more care and attention when dealing with any child. The way we act around them as children, affects them in a big way and you never know who you have in your hands! We have to try to help them as oppose to hurting them which can disturb their mission here on this plane in the long run. They are doing us a favor by being here. Those children will see things in black or white and not in grey, as many of us do when it comes to handling our lives as we try to live amongst all the mess and confusion. These children are elevated Master Souls and the majority of them come here with difficult experiences to deal with. The higher the soul is the tougher the experiences will be. The experience can be very simple in the end. However, those souls will see things from far higher level than an average human being who tends to pay attention to the nonsense 'small stuff' which they won't pay much attention to.

This talk of Indigo Children is a true reality. It is not just a fairy tale that everyone knows about, yet doesn't fully understand! Indigo children are not only here with some great psychic gifts! They are here with so much more, if only we will allow them to open up freely. Let's help them to become what they are supposed to be, not what we would like them to be according to the image we have created for them! Do not judge them, but be supportive of their actions and talk. You will be doing yourself and the world a favor in the end!

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About the Author:

Joseph Ghabi is an author, lecturer, and healer. Joseph provides Intuitive Numerology Consultation, Healing Childhood Experiences Consultation and PhD Candidate living in Montreal Canada.

At the age of eight Joseph discovered his clairvoyance. Joseph is natural medium. Joseph started the 'Free Spirit Centre' website at - A community centre devoted to personal growth, self help, soul growth, eating disorders, relationships, healing and human issues. You can find over 800 articles on the site.

Joseph task is in bringing Souls back to realization of their own personal power and into alignment with their own soul purpose and path of evolution.

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