Security Is An Inside Job

While I was growing up, my dad repeatedly told me that when I completing my schooling, I needed to get a good job. In fact, I should try to land some sort of good paying job, preferably one that was done indoors. This kind of inside job was his idea of security.

This concept was reinforced by the repeated comments of all sorts of people I knew. My friends, my relatives, even my teachers and coaches reiterated the need to land that ideal job. By the time I got out of college, I was already working overtime to find that inside job.

Much to my delight, I quickly snagged a good job ? an inside job at that ? just as my peers had suggested. "What luck," I chuckled to myself. I had managed to snare my security at a nice young age. How could it get any better than that?

Over the next three years, the initial luster of this inside job gradually eroded away. During this three year span, I gradually discovered that this job was someone else's idea of security, but not mine. I soon realized that this nice, secure inside job came with a lot of strings attached.

I was told how much I could make and when I might get a raise, when I was to report to work and when I could go home, how much vacation time I could take and when I could take it and so on and so forth.

As I witnessed other coworkers being laid off and let go, I began to realize that I could lose my job as well. All of a sudden, this job and all of its security didn't feel so secure any more. The people who counseled me earlier in life did get it half right when they said security is an inside job. The only true security you will ever enjoy in life is inside of you.

True security in life, by that I mean the kind that really counts, is finding that special "something" you hold inside of yourself. Security is a deep down belief that proclaims loud and clear that you can do it, while it continually reinforces your personal feeling of pride and self worth. Security is knowing that you have accepted personal responsibility for you and your family's well being.

Real security is derived from living life on your terms, having fun, bringing value to others and being the best person you can be. Yes, that is the only true security you'll ever enjoy. Hey, I am not suggesting that you immediately go out and quit your job. Not at all. But I am suggesting that you should make absolutely certain that you enjoy the best life has to offer in terms of your family life, your spiritual life and yes, your working life as well.

Your security begins with a good, healthy, I can do it self image. With this high powered, self assured attitude in place, nothing on earth can possibly hold you down or hold you back for very long. When you boldly take charge of yourself on the inside, you'll enjoy the best security you could ever possibly have on the outside as well.

The Bottom Line: Make your life the daring adventure it should be.

About The Author

Greg is President of the Motivational and Inspirational Corner, a web-site committed to helping people uncover and realize their enormous God given potential. His website address is

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