Should Professional Athletes Be Glorifying God And Jesus On Their Public Platforms?

Recently I have run across quite a few Christians who seem to be offended whenever any of the professional athletes get on TV or the radio and publicly give God and Jesus all the praise, honor and glory for all of their accomplishments in their personal lives as well as all of their success on the athletic field.

I have heard that many Christians state that a person's spiritual beliefs should be considered a personal matter and that these athletes should not be talking about God and Jesus on their "public platforms." The most notable example has to be Kurt Warner when he was playing for the St. Louis Rams.

Several years ago when the Rams won the Super Bowl, Warner was interviewed right there in the middle of the football stadium for all of the fans to see what he was going to say along with the rest of the people watching the event on TV. The first thing Warner says before he even gets into the details of what just happened in the game is that he had to give all the praise, honor and glory to his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. And the whole world heard it - whether they liked it or not!

Should professional athletes be using their public platforms to talk about their personal beliefs in God and Jesus or should this be something they should keep to themselves and their close personal friends and loved ones?

I personally believe that these professional athletes should be using their public platforms to talk about God and Jesus - even if it means offending others about it. I believe that not only is God and Jesus happy with these athletes doing this - but that God actually wants them to do it!

As Christians, we should all be supporting these professional athletes for taking a stand for God and Jesus on their public platforms. These athletes have been given an unique position in the Body of Christ to testify about God and Jesus. Not many Christians have a (public platform) that can reach millions of people with their testimonies like these professional athletes have. As a result of this unique position - I believe that God is wanting these athletes to take advantage of this "window" to reach as many people as He possibly can before Jesus comes back to our earth for His second coming. The Bible says that the end will not come until the gospel has been preached to all of the world.

I personally believe that God Himself has arranged for this "window" to be given to some of these professional athletes so that He can reach millions of people across the world with His message of eternal salvation through His Son Jesus Christ. I believe that this particular window is one of the avenues God is using to reach the world for the gospel before the end finally comes with the second coming of His Son to our earth.

The Bible tells us not to "touch" God's anointed ones. Any Christian who is "attacking" some of these professional athletes for being willing to go public with their testimonies for God and Jesus may be treading on very dangerous ground with God the Father. I believe that many of these professional athletes are some of God's "anointed ones" in this last day and hour - and any personal "attacks" being made by other Christians - especially if those attacks are being made public - may be "touching" some of God's anointed ones.

For a good detailed explanation as to why God is wanting these professional athletes to go public with their testimonies about Him and His Son and all the appropriate Scripture verses to back it all up - go to hletes-glorifying-God.html for a free copy of a very good article defending all of the professional athletes who are willing to have enough courage to talk about God and Jesus on the public platforms that have been given to each of them by God Almighty Himself.

Article written by Michael Bradley, author of over 100 articles which can be found at

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