Jekyll vs. Hyde, 2 Faces of Immortality!

Meet the most important person you will ever meet in your life. You better! For sometime during your life you will meet him. He could appear very suddenly with such shock that his recognition will change your life forever.

When you finally do meet him he will reveal a great secret to you. The secret??that inside of you is the power that will attract everything in life you want. And, also repel it. Yuk.

This force on the inside of you has two faces. One has the ability to attract wealth, success, happiness, love; And the other....., has the power to rob you of all your dreams.

One face of this power is what enables some people to climb the ladder of success and stay there all their lives. The other face, of this power, keeps some people at the bottom of the ladder all their lives. And, that same face is what drags some people down from the top of the ladder to the bottom.

Every adversity has the seed of a Greater Benefit!

Oh yea, I hear some of you saying.. Listen, it's ok to sit on your pity pot now and then. Just remember to flush the thing when you're done. :>)

Let me give you an example. There was a little kid known as Clem Labine. In his day he was a great baseball pitcher. But, even while he was a youngster, he had a dream of playing baseball. One day an accident broke his index finger on his throwing hand.

It never did heal correctly and was crooked from that time on. Well, Clem thought his baseball days were over. He became very discouraged.

His coach told him that some things that appear to be disasters turn out to be blessings in disguise. It all depends on which FACE manifest's itself in the troubles that come your way.

Clem took his coach's advice and kept on playing. Soon he discovered that the crooked finger allowed him to throw the wickedest curve ball that no other pitcher possessed the ability to throw.

All of a sudden, remember what we talked about in the first paragraph? "Suddenly"!! Clem met the most important person in his life. He met the power inside of him that would destine him for greatness. He met Barney Fife. Nah?? know I'm kidding.

Well, at that moment, Clem decided to flush his pity pot face. And when he did, he rose back to the top of the ladder just as surely as the other face had taken him to the bottom. It all began with a change of attitude. I'm not minimizing the hard work, dedication, and constant effort he put forth. But, none of that would have been his salvation without a change of face.

The most important lesson he learned was this: You ready? It's simple. He learned to always look for the GOOD in his unfortunate situations. ATTITUDE. If you're looking for the good, you will find what you're looking for. I trust it's self-explanatory about looking through the eyes of your other face.

Ok, It's time to set the prisoner free.

He used his new found attitude to set the prisoner free. Clem discovered the prisoner was he. Have you set your prisoner free? Have you heard the quote, "I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul?" You know why? Because we are the masters of our attitude.

You know something else? It's eternally working all the time either constructively or destructively. Whatever thoughts you proactively hold onto, will translate into reality no matter what they are. Thoughts of poverty lead to poverty. Thoughts of prosperity lead to riches.

When your attitude towards yourself and your abilities are healthy, and your attitude toward others is generous, you have then set the prisoner free. You have set in motion the power that will attract all kind of success in your life. When your attitude is lousy, you will attract all kind of poop in your life. You wanna know what poop is? It's chocolate. Nah??.that's a lie; I just wanted to see if you were awake.

Hey, I've even heard people say, "Yea, but the grass is greener on that guy's side of the fence." Well, if it is, you can bet your bottom dollar his water bill is higher. I've even heard some people say God is dead. And, Elvis is alive. How stupid can you get? You can always find something that looks bigger and better in your neighbor's front yard. Or, bedroom. "Maybe, that's how stupid you can get."

The Verdict...Guilty of Sabotage!

The next time things start going wrong, wrong, wrong, just stop and ask; What is my attitude right now? Is it optimistic? Is it hopeful? Is it raunchy? I didn't say it was easy.

Hey, that sounds like material for a good song. Don't start daydreaming now. A bad attitude may not have caused everything to go wrong today, but, it will keep things going wrong tomorrow, and the next day, and then cause you to sabotage your own efforts. And you won't even know you shot yourself in the foot. Hmmm....I think we just answered the question, "How stupid can you get".

The Pot Of Gold At The End Of The Rainbow!

Yea, it's true. If our attitude can be responsible for hurting us? It can also be attributable to our good fortune. It's a universal law. Consider this. H2O makes water. It's a law. Always has, always will. And, I don't care how hard you kick and scream and try and cry, it won't ever make root beer. And, every time you put the right attitude to work inside of you, you will make water. But, if you add dirt, you'll get mud. So don't try to mix a little good attitude with a little bad attitude, cause you'll end up with a little poop attitude.

Richard Vegas © 2002

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