Teach Your Child to Pray

There are so many books out there on being a praying woman, or a praying wife, husband, nation, etc, but I'm not familiar with one about teaching my child to pray. A child that prays can have such an impact on his family, friends, and nation. If we as parents could teach our children this awesome phenonemon, we really could change the world one kid at a time.

There are so many things our children could pray for. It doesn't have to be long an drug out. My children simply say, "Help mommy feel better. Amen." That teaches them to pray for healing. They could say, "Help us get the money we need to buy a car." That teaches them to pray for our finances.

The important thing is this, we need to teach them. Who else better able to do it than their own parent. You may ask, how can I do this? The first thing you do is, MODEL it. We all know our children are little apes from the get-go. Maybe you've heard something along the lines of, "If you don't want it repeated at a place it will embarrass you most, don't let your child hear you say it." Well, model prayer, and you'll get prayer. If they want to know why you're praying, or what you're doing, use that teachable moment and explain it in terms they'll understand.

In later articles I'd like to talk about things we can teach our child to pray about.

I am a stay-at-home mother of 4 boys. We homeschool and I have a desire to write so I thought I'd start with an article and see how it goes. I love what I do and want to minister to other mothers and parents and share the knowledge I believe is helpful to others.

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