Gods Providence in a Jericho Journal

What if excavators uncovering ancient Jericho found the following journal?

Monday: Today Israelites have finally come, gathering by the thousands, then marching around the city, inspecting our formidable walls. They must be impressed; they do not even try to attack. By morning they'll probably give up and leave.

Tuesday: They have not left but are marching around the city, same as yesterday. Not one makes a sound, except the blowing of their horns. No doubt they'll attack tomorrow or else be gone.

Wednesday: They have neither attacked nor gone away. They just march around Jericho. What are they up to? We're all making fun of them. All except the harlot innkeeper, who just watches in silence, clutching her cloak around her and shuddering as if she's freezing. Their general must be insane!

Thursday: The marching continues. Perhaps their general is not insane. Perhaps it is a clever strategy. Our people do not taunt them as much as yesterday. The harlot's relatives have all gathered to her at the inn. Does she know something the rest of us don't?

Friday: More marching. Our king holds council--arguing and cursing are heard inside. We're confident, yet anxious. We have many weeks' supply of food and water within our stout walls. Perhaps tomorrow they'll call our king out for a parley.

Saturday: They do not call out our king. Only more marching. The inn is closed--its door locked from the inside. This marching and marching cannot go on the same forever--or can it?

Sunday: It's not going on the same. Today they are marching many times around. Six times so far and starting on the seventh. Perhaps the change is significant. Perhaps something is about to happen. The inn is still locked up tightly. Our king--

This is all. The burned edge comes to just below the last line. (Read the story of the fall of Jericho in Joshua 2:1 - 6:27.)

God in His wisdom has confounded the wisdom of this world by what seems to be nonsense (1 Cor. 1:20-29; 3:18-20). Those with a worldly perspective fail to grasp what He is doing.

Copyright ©2005 Steve Singleton, All rights reserved.

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