Abundance Prosperity Based on Wallace Wattles and Napoleon Hill

It is arguable that the definition of wealth is the free and unrestricted use of all of the things which may be necessary for you to advance in the direction of your dreams and aspirations thus attaining your fullest mental, spiritual, and physical prosperity.

You have a right to wealth because it is simply a desire for you to have a richer fuller and more abundant life.

We live for the advancement of body, mind and soul and there is no reason to limit our capacities. Many people see wealth as greed. Ironically, poverty can and will frustrate your relationships with the spirit, people, and those you love. Accordingly, giving is one of the highest forms of love.

If you are complacent, stay where you are and don't exercise your talents. However, if you want more out of life, we will give you some keys to prosperity.

The world is plentiful with resources. You do not need: money to start, special talents, or the perfect business location. Many people become rich without any of this.

Become willing to change. There is plenty of opportunity. Creativity, innovation, and abundance will go to the people who embrace life and not reject it. Nature has an inexhaustible source of riches and soul advancement is vital. Moreover, the last 100 years has shown more life improvements that the last 2000 years of civilization.

We will now show you the first secret of life. This key to success can be yours if you simply accept the following statement. Just take it as fact, and the world will begin to move with you.


You conceive of your desire, you believe it will happen, and you retrieve and receive your opportunities from the universe. As a rule, man originates thought that becomes plans of the mind. Man can communicate his focused thought and mental images throughout the universe.

Your mind is the center of being. The presence of the universal spirit can be allowed into your mind, and your thoughts mixed with a thankful heart directed toward your inner presence can project into the world. These ideas will send off into the world like a letter of request. If practiced, the desires you have will be met. Do not focus on or speak of failure or poverty. Your truth is health, riches, success, and happiness.

The universe wants you to have all that your need. Your motives should include helping your self and others and not hurt other people. Your motives should not be colored in greed, ego, pride, lust, competition, hate, resentment, arrogance. Your desires must be propelled by love, gratitude, faith, confidence, mental focus, truth, acceptance, creativity, positive expectation, clear planning, & giving more love and value than you take.


Brainstorm and clarify in you mind exactly what you want and how you will achieve it. Hold the picture of the moment you have completed the achievement with positive certainty. Claim it as yours, claim the picture of success as "FACT". Keep your mind conscious of the universal presence by being grateful. If you can not be grateful, begin to think of your ability to walk, talk, see, hear, travel, speak, etc. The simplest of freedoms are easily overlooked. People will soon not recognize your new outlook and serenity. Remember, that you must exercise this mental picturing and thankfulness every day for at least a month. After a month, you will not believe the difference in your attitude.

Do not be scared or ashamed to ask for more than you need. Poverty and self sacrifice are not pleasing to anyone. We believe that there is a universal spirit of which unlimited abundance flows. We make the profound connection to the spirit by developing a strong feeling of thankfulness for the gifts we receive. Can you have happiness with a bitter heart? Can you have real faith when you are ungrateful? If so, good luck. If you want to feel that all is possible, then keep reading.

Remember times when you got what you wanted and became arrogant. After you got what you wanted or got out of a jam, you abandoned your connection to spirit. When good things happen to you is the EXACT time that you should practice having a grateful heart to continue the flow of riches. Gratitude dispels doubt, keeps you connected, and prevents dissatisfaction. Continue to fix your attention on health, love, success, and good fortune. Your faith will be renewed; it may not happen over night, but soon after using this simple 5 minute a day practice, you WILL see and feel results.

If you have trouble with certain negative triggers, then eliminate them or avoid them for a while. You are working on yourself, and it is OK to take care of your well-being first which will please all around you. This is putting your health first i.e. your spiritual health.

Your desires and mental blueprint should be very specific. For example, you may write out on a piece of paper a personal agreement to yourself:

I, John Doe, Jr., will have a million dollar business 4 years from today. I will sell creative WIDGETS. I will give the best service and value to my clients. My products and services have outstanding benefits to my customers. I will do all of these things, work hard, and be persistent. I will not give up. People will be glad to pay me for my services because they benefit the customer. I will gladly accept payment and do what is needed to receive the funds.

July 1st, 2006

John Doe, Jr.


Spend each day contemplating the million dollar business. Form a joyful mental image of you being paid in full ONE MILLION DOLLARS FOR THE BUSINESS at that very moment of completing the transaction.

You must engage life to secure each days small successes with faith and action. After mentally picturing your vision and reading your personal agreement, complete the process with the words "THANK YOU FOR THE BLESSING AND THANK YOU FOR PROTECTING ME" This will send it into the universe like a request that must be granted.

You need only use your willingness on yourself and not upon others. You can use willingness to force yourself to think about your dreams. Every thought of doubt or poverty is a waste. Your creative ideas WILL be a success when you have a strong desire that your are willing to go the distance to fulfill.

Do not tell the same old people of your plans. If you tell enough bitter people about your idea, their collective doubt may doom your dreams. Surround yourself with insightful professionals. Do not share about you difficulties or failures (unless in a secure group). Interest yourself in becoming rich in life! Focus on optimistic conversation.

As for your plans, make lists of things to do and begin doing them one by one with faith and action. It may take a year to complete, but we must begin somewhere. Do each days work efficiently without haste. Do it right the first time, and you need not fix it later.

Don't force anything. The creative energies will unfold the correct result for you. You merely need to organize your affairs so that you may receive the success. Overall, action sprinkled with faith is the recipe for success. In sum, put the faith, vision, and purpose behind your every action to accelerate your reaching abundance.


Write out a list of 20 careers of interest. Keep adding or subtracting from the list. Over time, you will have a few things left because the supreme power will guide you to your talents. The list over time will become more specific such as: to become the best sports writer. It doesn't matter how you start, just begin. Remember, something you enjoy and are good at doing combined with desire to become the best in this field will guarantee that you become what you love.

Without boast, you must impress on others that you are advancing all that come in contact with you. Speak of your life and business as getting better each day. Act and feel as you are already rich in life. Incorporate humility mixed with poise, faith, confidence, and self-esteem. Only speak when necessary, but your strong character and faithful confidence will attract the best people into your life.

If you can't leave your job, then do what you can in the evenings or weekends toward your dream. Use your job skillfully to move in the direction that you want. Your contacts at work may lead to a better job. You must be able to clarify your dream to others. You must be able to ask for and receive what you want out of life. Your plans and requests are traditionally answered by the universal power in the form of another person being available to assist you. Be READY to tell them what you need, and do not be ashamed to ask for a fair deal!

In conclusion, times are only as good as your perception. Just when you think you are failing is the exact time to continue your gratitude, focusing on your goals, and ACTION! During your moments of doubt is when the best is ready to unfold. Even if the result isn't exactly as you want, something better is very close, and you have only been protected until something better comes along.

Kindest Regards, George

About The Author

George Mentz, JD, MBA, CEC is a full time faculty member of Loyola College of Business Administration. George is also the CEO of www.icecc.com which is a worldwide organization for ebusiness professionals.

[email protected]

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